5 reasons to stamp out mould as fast as you can

24 April, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

With record rainfall across Australia, mould is especially prevalent this year. Here’s why you need to get on top of it now.


Asthma alert: Why back-to-school can spark a spike

2 February, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

Parents are being urged to prepare for a huge jump in asthma cases as kids return to school. Here’s how to help your child stay safe.


Festive fail: Could your Christmas tree be making you sick?

22 December, 2021 . by Erica

A little-known syndrome is triggered by the festive foliage in your home and could be the culprit behind your allergies and asthma.


Thunderstorm asthma: Why you need a plan now

7 October, 2021 . by Erica

Peak thunderstorm asthma season has begun, and those with asthma and allergies are warned to be on guard. Here’s what to watch out for.


The House of Wellness TV – Season 5, Episode 15

14 May, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell
https://youtu.be/ZmC97_s1KuI The House of Wellness - Season 5, Episode 15 This week on the House of Wellness you often hear people use the throwaway line ‘I’m a bit OCD’ meaning they’re...

How to prepare for thunderstorm asthma

4 March, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Thunderstorm asthma can be deadly, so understanding the risks, triggers and signs is crucial.


The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 8th November

8 November, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell
https://www.houseofwellness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/The-House-of-Wellness-–-Full-Show-Sunday-8th-November-2020-1.mp3   In this week’s episode the team discuss: Thunderstorm asthma and the new research that shows the number of people suffering from asthma is on the rise as hayfever season...

Your guide to surviving hay fever season

24 September, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

Spring has sprung and it’s bursting with birds, bees and flowers – but it also means plenty of pollen and allergens. These expert tips will help keep your hay fever…


The House of Wellness TV – Season 4, Episode 30

30 August, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell
https://youtu.be/-gY8fSmVL_c The House of Wellness - Season 4, Episode 30 Winter is almost over as the team moves towards putting a spring in your step. We hit the Sunshine State where...

How spacers can help improve delivery of your asthma medication

30 August, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

It is generally recommended that anyone using a puffer, including adults, should be using a spacer with their medication. Here’s why.