Everything you need to know about gestational diabetes

25 March, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Singer Meghan Trainor cast a spotlight on gestational diabetes during her pregnancy – and a growing number of women are being diagnosed with the complication.


Healthy habits to prevent type 2 diabetes

13 July, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

A staggering number of Aussies develop type 2 diabetes every day – but a handful of simple lifestyle changes can help significantly reduce your risk.


The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 12th July

12 July, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell
https://www.houseofwellness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/The-House-of-Wellness-–-Full-Show-Sunday-12th-July-2020-1.mp3   In this week’s episode the team discuss: Diabetes Awareness Week and what it's like to live with this chronic condition. Whether to use a face mask in the fight...

Everything you need to know about insulin

24 September, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

We know insulin is a big issue for those living with diabetes, but what exactly is it, how does it work, and are there ways we can control it?