Jacqui Felgate: ‘Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates’

31 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Old female friends are there in the good times and bad, and are the ‘best kind of blessing’, writes The House of Wellness co-host Jacqui Felgate.


When Natalie lost her husband, strangers received a life-changing gift

23 July, 2023 . by Claire Burke

When Steven Smith unexpectedly died at 41, his organ donations saved lives and brought some meaning to a heartbreaking situation.


How ‘nerd’ Pia Muehlenbeck became Australian social media royalty

22 March, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

Once a “nerd” and lawyer, Pia Muehlenbeck now lives a glamorous life many dream about. Here is how she did it – and her tip for dealing with the dark…


Survivor star Samantha Gash’s tips for trail running

4 November, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

It doesn’t involve a ball and is ‘more of a mental thing’, says endurance runner Samantha Gash. Here she shares her tips for those keen to start running.


Champion runner Sinead Diver is a mum on a mission

23 August, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

Find it hard to squeeze a little exercise time into your day? Spare a thought for champion marathoner Sinead Diver.