What you need to know about binge drinking

21 January, 2019 . by Michelle Rose

Boozed, buzzed, smashed, trashed – there are endless descriptions for getting drunk in the Aussie vernacular. But experts agree on one word for binge drinking: harmful.


How to give your festive decorations a personal touch

20 December, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Channelling your inner grandma at a crafternoon has not only turned hip – it can be good for you too.


‘No one’s reality is as good as it looks on their Insta feed’

20 December, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Insta-famous friends Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are no strangers to the downsides of social media. Now they want to help other girls rise above the pressures of living…


The importance of ‘me time’

28 November, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Even if it’s for 15 minutes a day, switching off mentally and enjoying your own company has a multitude of physical and mental benefits.


Why unstable relationships are bad for your health

30 October, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

On-again off-again relationships can lead to depression and anxiety. So, when is it time to call it a day?


Can the way you dress affect your confidence?

25 October, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Dressing for confidence is about much more than wearing the latest trends, says Relationship and Intimacy Expert Dr Nikki Goldstein.


The 5 types of stress – and what to do about them

10 October, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Stress is a catch-all phrase but there are different kinds, and different ways to deal with each of them.


“I wanted to end it all”: TV producer and star says supporting Liptember more important than ever

25 September, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Fearless TV and social media star Emmylou MacCarthy knows only too well the all-encompassing despair of depression and mental illness.


The House of Wellness TV Season 2 – Episode 4

16 September, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell
https://youtu.be/OVsGTBdmBdY The House of Wellness Season 2 - Episode 4 In this week’s show the team looks at the highs and lows of a woman’s libido, sorting fact from fiction...

How to help someone who is not OK

10 September, 2018 . by Michelle Rose

Being prepared to check in with a friend or relative who may be going through a tough time can make all the difference.