Why are more Aussies getting reinfected with Covid?

1 August, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

New figures show almost half of Australians have had Covid, and many say they’ve battled the virus multiple times. Here’s what to expect if you get reinfected.


Feeling a bit ‘blah’? You could be languishing

9 May, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

After a tough few years, most of us have probably felt a bit “meh” at times. Here’s how to tell if you are languishing and what you can do to…


The skincare that is helping to change young lives

21 April, 2022 . by Erica

When their teenage daughter opened up about the troubles she and her friends were facing during the pandemic, Anthony McDonough and Chris Glebatsas knew they had to act.


The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 30th January

30 January, 2022 . by Erica
https://www.houseofwellness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/The-House-of-Wellness-–-Full-Show-Sunday-30th-January-2022.mp3 In this week’s episode the team discuss: Back to school challenges for children, specifically around some of the new and ongoing restrictions related to the pandemic. The first rehabilitation centre...

Post-pandemic work life: How you can work anywhere, anytime

21 January, 2022 . by Erica

The pandemic has seemingly changed our work lives forever, with flexible locations and hours now the norm.


Job change: Will you become part of the ‘Great Resignation’?

6 January, 2022 . by Erica

The pandemic has upended our professional lives and, for many, radically changed our career priorities. But how do you know when it’s the right time to change roles?


Covid-safe toolkit: Why you need rapid antigen tests

15 December, 2021 . by Michelle Rose

Whether you’ve got symptoms or just want to be sure, here’s why rapid antigen tests are the way forward in Covid normal.


Covid jabs for kids: your questions answered

6 December, 2021 . by Michelle Rose

Australian primary school-aged kids will be eligible for Covid vaccines before the 2022 school year starts. Here’s what you need to know about jabs for kids aged 5-11.


Lockdown’s over… so why am I feeling socially awks?

28 November, 2021 . by Michelle Rose

After almost two years of limited social contact, why are we feeling tentative now life is opening up again? Here’s how to rediscover your social fitness.


Germaphobia: When does cleanliness become a disorder?

26 November, 2021 . by Michelle Rose

Wanting to be clean is normal, right? But for some people, the desire for cleanliness can descend into germaphobia. So, when does distaste become a disorder?