The House of Wellness TV: Season 7, Episode 37

24 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

This week on The House of Wellness, the team discovers how sound affects the brain, Australia’s quiet spaces, float therapy, plus more. Watch the full episode.


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Soft hiking is the latest fitness fad taking off on social media. Rather than racing to your destination, it celebrates savouring the journey. Instead of breaking a sweat, a new…


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‘Appy and healthy: 7 great apps to boost your wellbeing

16 February, 2023 . by christine joy magat

Want to focus on improving your health, but not sure where to start? These handy wellbeing apps can help set you up for success.


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As the summer holidays fade away, now is the perfect time to adopt positive workday wellness habits for a happier, healthier year.