5 great ways to live longer and have more fun

25 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Here for a good time and a long time? Here are some expert-backed ways to live longer and have fun along the way.


Skin anxiety is real, but there are ways to cope with blemishes

24 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

From acne to rosacea, skin blemishes are not only uncomfortable but can also have a big psychological impact – sometimes referred to as skin anxiety.


The good behind ‘bad’ hormone cortisol

31 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

Cortisol may be known as the ‘stress hormone’ and the culprit behind many ills. But experts say its work is not all bad – in fact, we wouldn’t survive without…


Do you need therapy? Here’s how to find a type to suit you

20 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

From managing stress to mental and chronic health problems – even improving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome – here’s how psychotherapy can help.


Is the Harvard Plan the healthiest diet you’ve never heard of?

1 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

The Mediterranean diet has long been the gold standard for healthy eating and longevity, but a new approach known as the Harvard Plan may be even better.


The House of Wellness TV: Season 7, Episode 10

21 April, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMQY3VdOixk This week on The House of Wellness, we look at healthy ageing, make-up with Christian Wilkins, Guy Sebastian’s new fragrance and more. Watch the full episode.


The House of Wellness TV – Season 6, Episode 34

25 November, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

This week on The House of Wellness, find out whether the ‘five-second rule’ is a myth, plus whether you might have FOPO (fear of other people’s opinions). Plus: Do placebos…


The 5 vital nutrients you need to prioritise in your diet

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Even if you think you’re eating a balanced diet, chances are you’re not getting enough of these vital nutrients.


Can meditating for five minutes make you feel better?

21 December, 2021 . by Erica

There’s increasing evidence that meditation is good for you. But can you reap the rewards without devoting hours of your time to it?


The art of slow – the amazing benefits of tai chi

28 February, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

You’ve probably seen people going through the sequence of movements in your local park.