Is a hysterectomy right for you? Here’s what to know

4 January, 2024 . by Claire Burke

A hysterectomy is done to treat a number of conditions, including heavy bleeding and pelvic pain. And no, it doesn’t mean your sex life is over! Here’s what to expect.


Struggling to conceive? How to boost your chance of having a baby

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Facing challenges on your path to parenthood? Infertility is an issue for many people, but it can be treated. Here’s what you should know.


Sore joints? What you need to know about arthritis

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Feeling a bit stiff? Arthritis is an umbrella term for many forms of joint pain, and it’s not just limited to older people. Here’s what you need to know.


Is sex causing pain rather than pleasure? Here’s what to do

30 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

For many women, sex causes great physical pain, which can impact self-esteem and relationships. Here’s how to find relief.


Is Buruli ulcer the reason your skin won’t heal? And what is it, anyway?

7 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba Experts say cases of Buruli ulcer are on the rise in parts of the country – but what is it, and how can you avoid getting this disease? 


Could it be a brain tumour? Signs to watch out for

14 April, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

Much-loved TV personality Johnny Ruffo lost his battle with brain cancer at the end of 2023. He was one of nearly 2000 Australians diagnosed each year. So what are the…


A brush with mortality: Life with the rare Addison’s disease

28 February, 2023 . by christine joy magat

While not common, Addison’s disease can be debilitating and lead to life-threatening emergencies. But managed well, it’s also possible to live a happy, healthy life.


New hope for chronic pain sufferers

16 October, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

Living with chronic pain and its associated stigma can impact everyday life for sufferers, but new treatment options offer hope for relief.


‘The doctor said it was prostate cancer — I never imagined it would happen to me’

16 September, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

Prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Early diagnosis is the key to saving lives, as John Ryan discovered.


What Emma Watkins wants you to know about endometriosis

9 September, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

When former yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins discovered she had endometriosis she had no idea what it was. Now she’s helping shape the conversation around the disease.