The House of Wellness TV – Season 4, Episode 26

2 August, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell The House of Wellness - Season 4, Episode 26 This week on the show we check in with the eco warriors saving turtles off the sunny coast of Cairns. Those...

The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 2nd August

2 August, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell–-Full-Show-Sunday-2nd-August-2020-2.mp3   In this week’s episode the team discuss: Thyroid disorders and the impact on our health and metabolism when our thyroid gland isn't functioning properly. The best ways to supplement...

Foods that help improve thyroid function

1 August, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

The tiny butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in your neck may be small, but it has a big effect on pretty much everything that happens in your body.


Overactive or underactive: Your thyroid guide

28 May, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

The thyroid gland plays a major role in our health, but it doesn’t always function as it should. Here’s how to find out if your thyroid is overactive or underactive.