Good vibrations: How to harness crystal power

Keen to introduce some crystals into your home for a hit of helpful energy, but not sure where to start? Here’s what you need to know.

From rose quartz and black tourmaline to lapis lazuli and moonstone, crystals come in a wide range of varieties – and an even bigger selection of shapes and sizes.

According to holistic kinesiologist Lisa Cohen from Sydney’s In2Balance Kinesiology, they all have one thing in common.

“They work through vibration and while different crystals have different vibrational frequencies, the frequency of an individual crystal doesn’t change,” Lisa says.

“In contrast, as humans, our frequencies can transform and change, for example, when we get sick or are healing or even depending on the emotions we’re experiencing.”

College of Complementary Medicine kinesiologist and crystal kinesiology teacher Ondrej Bursik says this difference in the stability of frequencies explains why humans can benefit from having crystals around.

“In physics, there’s a rule which basically says that when you have two frequencies in close proximity the stable, stronger one will dominate, so that the other frequency – in this case ours, as humans – will try to replicate it,” Ondrej says.

“It’s similar to how if there’s a bunch of grandfather clocks together in one room, their pendulums will eventually become synchronised after a week or two.”

So which crystal does what?

Both Ondrej and Lisa agree the answer isn’t crystal clear.

“While specific crystals are linked to being able to assist with certain things, what works for or resonates with one person may not be the best choice for someone else,” Ondrej says.

Lisa agrees.

“There are certainly some obvious or go-to crystals that people can try and experiment with, but it’s important to remember that sometimes the right crystal picks us depending on what we need at any given time,” she says.

“So more than anything, trust your own intuition when you’re choosing a crystal to work with.”

As a starting point, Lisa has a few suggestions for which crystals may be beneficial to a few common challenges or goals.

“The good thing is, you’ll notice that many crystals assist with more than one area, so you don’t have to invest in dozens of different types.”

Best crystals if feeling stressed: Try clear quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, black tourmaline or blue lace agate.

Best crystals for a better night’s sleep: Try amethyst, rose quartz, black tourmaline or howlite.

Best crystals for vitality and energy: Use orange calcite, citrine or clear quartz.

Best crystals to feel more grounded: Consider black tourmaline, smoky quartz or a crystal called super seven.

Best crystals for strength and courage: Black onyx, moonstone, tiger’s eye, clear quartz and citrine are good choices.

Best crystals to encourage hope and optimism: Use orange calcite, citrine, amethyst or lapis lazuli.

Best crystals if you need to focus: Clear quartz, orange calcite, lapis lazuli and fluorite may help.

How to get the most out of a crystal

Knowing which crystals to consider inviting into your life is one thing, but there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of them.

  • Get hands on. You can place crystals anywhere from under your bed to your bedside table or a favourite display shelf, but Lisa says physically connecting with them is a good choice.

“The most powerful way to use a crystal is to have it on your skin, or as close to it as possible,” she says.

“So wear it as jewellery, pop it in your pocket or inside your bra, or simply take time to pick it up and hold it.”

  • Cleanse them. “Crystals hold energy including the negative vibrations that you’ve experienced while they were near you, so cleansing them regularly is extremely important,” Ondrej says.

There are a few different cleansing methods, some which suit certain crystals more than others, but Lisa says moonlight is a good all-rounder.

“Make a habit of exposing your crystals to moonlight during the full moon each month, whether that’s leaving them outdoors or placing them on a windowsill,” she says.

  • Choose ethically sourced crystals. Both Lisa and Ondrej are passionate about this. “Try to find out where and how a crystal has been sourced,” Ondrej says.

“It’s not always easy, but it’s important to be aware that while some crystals are removed from the earth considerately at small family-run mines, others are simply by-products of large copper mines.

“Ask the question before you make a purchase.”

Written by Karen Fittall.