The new podcast that helps you be your best self

Our minds are forever whirling with thoughts and feelings – and Jo Stanley and Emma Murray’s brilliant new Best of You podcast explores how to navigate them.

Jo Stanley first learnt the power of mindfulness when she sought help for her sleeping troubles.

“Like so many people, I can get very anxious, and with that comes insomnia,” says The House of Wellness TV co-host.

“So my therapist taught me an exercise to help me step away from my churning thoughts at night, and feel the softness of my mattress, the weight of my doona, and then connect with my breath.

“Since then, I’ve learnt to really love the calm that comes with being really present, in this moment.

“Whenever I find that anxiety building in my chest – and that can happen in some very inconvenient places, like on live TV! – I am able, through breath and feeling my feet in my shoes, to find calm.”

Meditation is a vital part of Jo’s daily routine, and she practises mindfulness throughout each day.

“The thing I love most about mindfulness is it puts you in this moment, and that allows you to notice all the wonderful but tiny things that surround us – a breeze on your skin, your daughter’s hand in yours; things that automatically make you grateful and instantly lift your mood,” she says.

And now Jo has teamed up with mindfulness coach Emma Murray to turn their shared passion into a new podcast, Best of You in The House of Wellness.

Introducing the Best of You podcast

Best of You in The House of Wellness explores our inner-most thoughts and feelings, and how mindfulness can help us overcome daily challenges.

“Best of You is about the fact that all of us are knocked around by the way our minds work,” says Jo.

“We have fears, self-doubt, shame, anxiety – and those thoughts can make life really hard, especially when we’re also facing life’s challenges like work stress, loss, grief, relationship challenges, and parenting.

“That’s when the best parts of ourselves – our unique strengths and qualities – go missing. So this podcast aims to help us learn how to manage those thoughts and feelings in a way that allows us to reconnect with the best parts of ourselves.”

Each episode includes a mindfulness exercise led by Emma, who also shares how our minds work and how controlling our breath can help us overcome our fears and negative thoughts.

It doesn’t mean those feelings aren’t there any more, it just means you don’t have to dwell on them or be controlled by them.

Special guests on the Best of You podcast

The podcast features interviews with sports stars including sprinter Morgan Mitchell, racing driver Scott McLaughlin and two-time Olympic cyclist Caroline Buchanan.

“They each have been so generous and courageous in sharing their stories – they’re very open and honest. And they each bring a different lesson with them,” Jo says.

“I connected personally to Morgan Mitchell, when she spoke of her fear of other people’s opinions and that she was too scared to make choices that were right for her.

“Through listening to Scott McLaughlin speak about overcoming failure, I learned a lot about the value of articulating and embracing your strengths.”

Caroline shares how mindfulness and gratitude helped her recover from a life-threatening crash.

“There are so many people living with chronic pain, I really believe that episode is not just useful but life-changing,” says Jo.

Lessons from the Best of You

Jo hopes the podcast will help people learn they can choose whether focus on negative thoughts and feelings, or on the moment.

“It doesn’t mean those feelings aren’t there any more, it just means you don’t have to dwell on them or be controlled by them,” she says.

“It’s not an easy thing to learn and it’s a lifelong practice – we all fail at it. But when I learned that I had that choice, it changed my life. I want that for everyone.”

Tune into Best of You with Jo Stanley and Emma Murray below or on the PodcastOne website.