How to think like a champion, according to mindset coach Ben Crowe

Ben Crowe has helped build the winning mindset of some of Australia’s biggest sports stars. Here he shares tips we can all apply for a positive outlook.

How did Ben Crowe, a boy from the outer eastern suburb of Nunawading in Melbourne, wind up as a mindset coach and mentor to some of the biggest names in Aussie sport?

Tennis greats Ash Barty and Dylan Alcott, surfing sensation Stephanie Gilmore, and Richmond Football Club superstars Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin are just some of the elite athletes Ben has mentored.

“I studied philosophy and anthropology at uni so I guess I always had a curiosity for wisdom and human behaviour,” Ben says.

Being in Ben Crowe’s orbit you realise he has something very special.

He just gets into your head (in a good way)!

Joining Nike in the 1990s, he mentored high-profile athletes, executives and coaches, helping them create a life that balanced achievement with fulfilment, and has also worked with everyone from special operations forces and teenagers to world leaders and the World Health Organization.

His philosophy is one that anyone can apply just as successfully as those at the pinnacle of world sport.

“Every human, no matter what age or profile, is on their own hero’s journey and gets distracted by the same things, be it the negative stories we tell ourselves or by uncontrollables or external interferences,” Ben says.

“Learning to accept the things we can’t control and accepting ourselves without any conditions is a universal truth, and the process is the same for all of us.”

Keen to adopt a more positive mindset and live a less stressful life?

Top positive mindset tips according to Ben Crowe

Breathe through the belly

“I could say to dial up acceptance, self-compassion and gratitude, but the very first step is belly (or box) breathing.

“It’s the quickest mind hack to tell the brain that everything’s going to be OK,” he explains.

He says when we are babies we breathe through our belly — it’s a natural state.

“But when we’re anxious we’re up in our lungs, which has far less oxygen capacity.”

Be self-compassionate

His No.2 tip is to practise self-compassion and cut yourself some slack.

He uses the mantra, “Screw it, I’m a good person and I’m doing the best that I can”.

Let go of expectation when goal-setting

As we begin a new year, many of us have been setting goals, and Ben has this advice to help you achieve them.

“Goals and dreams are a positive energy source,” he says.

“Just don’t make them ‘expectations’, because you can’t control the outcome, and that becomes a negative energy source.

“And create a system or healthy habits to step out your goals.”

Start “to be”

He also suggests before you make a to-do list, write a “to-be” list.

He believes it is important to focus on the human being before the human doing.

“Redefine success from that perspective and you no longer have to wait to be successful or happy,” he says.

The idea is to set some goals from that perspective, “and then just see what happens, with no guarantees or expectations”.

How Ben Crowe created a pocket mindset mentor

Obviously, not everyone can have a mindset coach with them at all times.

To counter this, Ben has created the Mojo Crowe app to help anyone deal with the stresses that life throws up daily.

The app came about after Covid and has already been a huge success.

The pandemic gave him the time to ask, “what if we built a mindset course the whole world could access which replicated the same journey as Ash or Steph (Gilmore) or Cotch (Trent Cotchin)”.

“It’s designed to help someone own their story, embrace their weird and find their mojo,” he says.

So, how does Ben Crowe — the man who has helped so many people find their mojo — find his own happiness?

“I’d like to say golf but that’s nothing but stressful,” he says with a laugh.

“Hanging with my family and friends, listening to or playing guitar, surfing, hanging with my Molly dog, reading a good book and just trying to laugh every day.”

And that’s advice we can all take.

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By Jacqui Felgate, co-host of The House of Wellness TV .