How to master the art of self-love

Spreading the love is important and all, but what about loving yourself? We speak to life coach Kathryn Ottobrino about why it’s so crucial for our health and wellbeing.

After coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship, Kathryn Ottobrino felt like a shell of her former self; stripped of her identity and self-worth.

“I was at my lowest, had just experienced a personal breakdown and was looking for outside validation,” she says. “That’s when I began to realise I was looking for love in all the wrong places and that it had to start from within.”

In need of a life overhaul, Kathryn spent two years training as a life coach while gaining a reiki diploma.

“I rebuilt my self-worth from the ground up and regained my confidence and sense of self in the process,” she said.

It was during her self-healing journey that Kathryn became determined to help other women in similar predicaments.

She now educates others on self-love in a variety of ways, from personal coaching services to free self-love challenges, soul boot camps and Bali healing and transformation retreats.

“For many women it’s about taking that first step towards loving yourself and reducing self-destructive habits,” she says.

“It’s also about gaining total acceptance of who you are as a person; the good, bad and ugly, which we all embody,” she says.

Kathryn’s top tips for perfecting the art of self-love

Take baby steps

Be really gentle on yourself and realise it’s a process. Self-love is like a figurative muscle. It takes time to build up muscle at the gym and it’s not an overnight process, similar to the process of self-love.

Affirmations matter

Ask yourself the question, ‘In an ideal world, how do I want to feel about myself?’ From there, come up with affirmations that will help sway your thought process to be more aligned with the mentality you want to adopt.

Invest in yourself

If you want to prioritise self-love you need to make conscious efforts to make it a reality and realise it’s a worthy investment.

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett