The wellness trends you need to try in 2020

We all know about face masks, meditating and clear crystals, but there’s a host of new ways to find your zen in 2020.

Thinking about how to tackle stress, mental and physical health in the year ahead? Try these on for size.

Forest bathing

Taking a bath to unwind and relax isn’t a new concept, but what about soaking up the sights and sounds of trees?

Forest bathing is set to be the new green thing, believes Tracey Willis of Queensland’s Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.

Originating in Japan, forest bathing is all about mindfully spending time in nature using all your senses – in fact, it doesn’t even involve actually getting into water.

Tracey says helps “activate the parasympathetic nervous system”, which helps the body repair, rest and digest.

‘Clean’ beauty

“People are increasingly concerned about the state of the environment and we’re seeing that people want to use less,” says Lyndal Mitchell, founder of the Aurora Spa Group.

“Clean” or “minimal’ beauty is about creating make-up free of nasties and the packaging being refillable, reusable or biodegradable.

“That’s definitely what our customers are asking for already,” Mitchell says.

Microbiome diet

The important role that gut health plays in our overall health has been gaining attention in recent years.

But author and founder Lee Holmes believes it’s about to hit another high, thanks to its connection to skin health – aka, a rosy, healthy glow.

“The microbiome diet will be big; it’s all about more resistant starches like cooked and cooled rice, and prebiotic fibres such as sweet potatoes, asparagus, green peas, lentils and mung beans.

“Also expect to see ‘love your gut powder’, aloe vera, gelatin and stocks to help with cleaning and repairing the gut lining.”

Gene testing

What was once exclusively something for doctors and scientists is now increasingly becoming a tool for people to figure out the best diet and lifestyle choices for themselves.

Tracey says gene testing is already being offered at Gwinganna as part of its Genes for Health program.

“People can use this information to make lifestyle choices – it’s a fascinating area,” she says.

Hemp in skin care

Hemp oil – which is legal in Australia – has been available in skin care products for years, but it’s about to become one of the big trends in 2020 as more and more brands get across its wide range of benefits.

“It’s in lip balms, body oils, creams … it’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral and it has a soothing effect,” Lyndal says.

Plus, it’s suitable for most skin types and doesn’t clog pores, says Lyndal.

Other wellness trends to look out for in 2020: Artificial intelligence wellness consultations and programs, sound therapy, and specialised wellness travel tours and packages.

Written by Alana Schetzer.