Marathon Man: ‘Be your own superhero!’

Marathon Man Trent Morrow didn’t start out with superhero powers, but he’s certainly got them now… and he’s using every superhuman dash of energy he has to inspire others.

In December 2006, Trent saw a family photo of himself at his niece’s christening and found himself looking at a complete stranger.

A stranger badly out of shape and 30kgs heavier than he realised.

“I didn’t recognise myself,” he recalls. “I had put on way too much weight and realised I needed to take some personal responsibility, change my diet up and introduce some fitness into my regime.”

Less than a year later he was lining up for his first half marathon in Sydney – and from those humble beginnings Marathon Man was born.

“I created the superhero identity of Marathon Man to go out there and promote better health and wellbeing and to inspire people to chase their dreams, which is what I’ve been doing for just over 10 years now,” Trent says.

A marathon is 42km, anything longer is called an ultra-marathon.

Breaking records

“I’ve completed the Comrades Marathon and did a 250km race through the Sahara Desert in 2011. I ran a marathon in every state and territory of Australia and both islands in New Zealand as well as the toughest footrace on earth, the Marathon Des Sables,” he says.

In April 2014, Marathon Man, who is self-funded and receives no corporate sponsorship, became a world record holder after running the most marathons on seven continents in a year. A total of 160 races in all.

When House of Wellness caught up with the humble House Hero he was running marathon 349, a number which includes an astonishing 15 ultra-marathons.

Powering on to new challenges

His next challenge is to complete 365 marathons, one for every day of the year. All while using his special superpowers to encourage others to follow their dreams.

“The ultimate goal is to encourage and inspire as many people as possible around the world to be the very best version of themselves, in whatever area of life that looks like,” he smiles.

“Be your own superhero!”

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