House Heroes: A stroke of genius

After a devastating stroke at just 24, Caleb Rixon was determined that other survivors should never feel isolated again, as seen on The House of Wellness TV.

Caleb Rixon was a budding music theatre performer, who was cast in the biggest show in town – Chicago. While preparing for his role, Caleb’s life changed forever.

At just 24, Caleb had suffered a life-threatening stroke.

During the long recovery that followed, Caleb reached out to other young stroke survivors online. And so the Genyus network was born.

“There’s a thing that unites all of us, particularly young stroke survivors,” says Caleb. “That experience and that trauma is the underlying thing that has connected us and that we are united by, but really as humans we are united by our sense of identity.”

“I’ve worked my body to have a voice and now I feel like I’ve got my voice, and I’m ready to use that voice to give other people the platform to use their own,” he says.

To learn more about Genyus and their trauma support network, head to