Feel like you are ‘drowning’? It’s OK to admit it

This International Women’s Day, leadership coach Kemi Nekvapil reveals how asking for help can be a potent ‘power move’.

If you are struggling with all of life’s demands, you are not alone. So why hide it?

Leading personal coach, author and international speaker Kemi Nekvapil is calling on women to drop the facade that everything is OK – and says asking for help can actually benefit others too.

I think there is a power in owning, ‘I am drowning’,” Kemi says in a special Broad Radio interview with Jo Stanley to celebrate International Women’s Day.

“What a lot of women do is we fall into this idea that we have to be perfect, we have to look as if we have it together all the time.

“So it’s powerful to even say: ‘I am drowning.’”

Kemi says the next “power move” is to ask for the support you need.

Why you should admit you are not coping

Kemi says in her younger days she felt the need to put on a front of being strong and capable, and to never ask for help.

“Then I realised over time actually it made me feel incredibly isolated and incredibly lonely,” Kemi says.

“When I started to practise saying to people, ‘I’m not going well, I’m struggling, I need help’, it actually created deeper and more powerful connections with the women that I surrounded myself with.”

Kemi says women need to break the status quo and say, “I don’t have it all together all the time, I need help and I need support”.

The joy of International Women’s Day is we come together and support each other,” she says.

Kemi opened up during her powerful interview with Jo for Broad Radio, which airs today (March 8).

“I love the idea of giving ourselves permission to say ‘I’m drowning’,” Jo says.

“I don’t think we do that for ourselves, or each other, ever.”

Pushing for gender equality on International Women’s Day

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8) is #BreakTheBias, a call for a gender-equal world where difference is valued and celebrated.

House of Wellness TV and radio host Jo has been busy helping empower women through her new radio station, Broad Radio.

“I started Broad Radio because I want to give women a platform where they can tell their stories, and a community that women can connect with that reflects their own life experiences,” Jo says.

“Live radio is powerful because through interaction and conversation, suddenly your audience feels understood and not so alone.

“I wanted that for women who might not fit the mainstream mould.”

Listen to the full interview on Broad Radio, which is broadcast every Tuesday at 9am on Facebook and YouTube.

Find out more about Jo Stanley’s Broad Radio on The House of Wellness TV.

Written by Bianca Carmona.