Crystals for calm: 5 stones to help soothe the soul

Crystals have long been used for comfort and support. Try these five next time you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

Each crystal has an energy field that can positively interact with your own, says The Crystal Fix author Juliette Thornbury.

This means they are “naturally directing, absorbing, amplifying and focusing energy within the body”.

Kinesiologist Stacey Bout sometimes places crystals on acupressure points or within a chakra to help her clients.

These are the experts’ picks for the best crystals to use to ease stress and promote calm:

1.     Amethyst

This purple gem is popular in crystal healing.

“It’s a wonderful crystal to promote calmness, clarity and relaxation; it’s said to release negative energy, stress and irritability,” Stacey says. 

Juliette says it’s also effective for children who are afraid of the dark or suffer nightmares.

“Many people find it helpful to keep amethyst in the bedroom to help counter anxiety-related insomnia,” Juliette says.

2.     Celestite

“Celestite carries a beautiful calming energy that promotes mental clarity and emotional stability, making it an excellent stone to protect against anxiety and depression,” Juliette says.

She recommends keeping celestite in the bedroom to create a tranquil and harmonious place of rest.

3.     Howlite

This white stone is said to evoke peace and stability, teaching the importance of patience and promoting a higher state of spiritual and emotional awareness.

“This is a powerful stone to use during meditation as it calms the mind and encourages a deep meditative state,” Juliette says.

“It is a very relaxing stone that will expand your consciousness while encouraging the release of any unhealthy attachments, negative energy or self-doubt.”

4.     Rose quartz

Not just pretty to look at, this pink crystal is associated with love, compassion and self-care.

“It’s known as the love stone, so it helps promote soothing and calming properties of love, healing and serenity,” Stacey says.

5.     Black tourmaline

Considered one of the most powerful stones for protection, the experts say black tourmaline can bring a deep sense of balance and stability.

“This crystal also cleanses the mind of negative thought patterns and eliminates stress, tension and anxiety,” Juliette says.

How to use crystals to calm and soothe

Juliette recommends placing crystals throughout your home, wearing or carrying them with you, or incorporating them into your meditation practice.

“Creating gem elixirs or using certain stones in your self-care rituals (for example, facial rollers and gua sha) are some other beautiful ways to use crystals in your day-to-day life,” Juliette says.

Using words of affirmation or intention can also have a positive effect on your wellbeing, so you can incorporate these while working with your gems.

“Setting intentions is an important element of working with your crystals, especially when you’re using them for a particular healing purpose,” Juliette says.

Stacey suggests keeping crystals next to your computer to help with electromagnetic field exposure, and to pop them in the corner of your pillowcase for sweet dreams.

Written by Samantha Allemann.