The real magic of beauty sleep

When it comes to glowing good looks, sleep may the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth – which makes nailing the nod one of your best beauty tools.

We do so, so much for our skin. Lotions, potions, trials and treatments, all in search of the holy grail of “I woke up like this” gorgeousness.

But what if one of the biggest secrets was as simple as getting a good night’s sleep?

Turns out there’s a whole lot of science behind the concept of beauty zzzz’s.

What happens when you sleep?

Research shows that when we sleep, our stress hormone (cortisol) goes down and our sleep hormone (melatonin) goes up – meaning our body (and skin) are in repair mode, fixing damage caused during the day.

Yep, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was on to something. While you’re in dreamland, your skin is busy making new collagen, the protein that gives volume to your skin and helps keep it looking plump and smooth.

As we grow older natural collagen supplies in our bodies begin to wane, meaning skin becomes thinner and drier and starts to develop sags and wrinkles.

How much sleep do you need?

The Sleep Health Foundation says adults need seven to nine hours sleep a night, but most Australians experience sleep issues at some point in their lives.

There are lots of things you can do to amp up your shut-eye.

The essential mineral magnesium is among nutrients that can support sleep, by working to “turn off” wakefulness.

That’s because magnesium helps your body maintain levels of a handy neurotransmitter known as GABA (or Gamma-aminobutyric acid), which stops your brain being stuck in “on”.

The benefits of being Kynd

Kynd high-quality health and beauty supplements are based on scientific and traditional evidence.

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Sleep easy with Kyndness

You can sleep easy knowing that Kynd supplements are packaged sustainably in glass bottles with bamboo caps – saying goodbye to the traditionally used plastic cap in vitamins.

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* This article is brought to you by Kynd supplements. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.