How to feng shui your home for health and happiness

Strong ‘chi’ – good feng shui energy – is said to promote harmony, wellbeing and prosperity. Here are four ways to bring good vibes into your life.

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui combines five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) to bring harmony and balance to our surroundings.

And the good news is that it’s relatively easy to use feng shui at home or work to improve your health and wellbeing.

1. Clear clutter 

The best place to start is by clearing clutter in your home or office.

Not only can excess stuff cause feelings of overwhelm and stress, it makes the area more difficult to clean.

According to feng shui, it also results in stagnate “chi” (energy).

Remove items you no longer need so that what you love can receive more attention.

A beloved ornament might be hidden under a pile of clothes, or paperwork covers the beautiful wooden surface of your desk.

With a tidier space you’ll also be able to add items to increase chi without overloading the room.

2. Rearrange your furniture 

The placement of objects and whether they encourage or inhibit the flow of chi is an important aspect of feng shui.

In the bedroom, ensure the foot of the bed isn’t pointing towards the door – this is considered an unlucky position as it symbolises a coffin.

While mirrors bring energy into a home and are often recommended in feng shui, a mirror positioned directly opposite a bed can create restlessness.

The bedroom is not the best place to put a desk.

If this can’t be avoided, use a screen or fabric barrier to create separation from work and rest spaces.

3. Improve air quality

Indoor plants are often used in feng shui due to their ability to purify air and bring nature into the home or office.

However it’s worth knowing what types of plants to add to your space, and which to avoid.

Bamboo is a popular plant in feng shui, as are various types of ferns and palms.

Cactus plants are not recommended as they are believed to encourage conflict.

But if you’re a cacti fan, don’t despair – just avoid placing them in the bedroom, living room or by the front door.

The health of the plants is crucial.

A limp and dying plant is considered bad luck, so take good care of them.

Don’t have the best track record at keeping plants alive?

Photos or paintings of plants on display are the next best thing.

4. Improve lighting

Consider the lighting in each room.

Is the space too dark or too light?

Ensure that natural light can enter by day, and thick blinds or curtains keep out light by night.

Fluorescent lights are to be avoided as it’s believed they cause health issues such as headaches.

Want to bring energy into a corner of the room?

Himalayan salt lamps or ambient lighting in the form of table lamps are excellent ways to gently liven up these spots.

Written by Samantha Allemann.