Your weekend beat-stress guide

Feeling frazzled after a long, busy week? Here are our favourite ways to disconnect and create two blissful days.

1. The be-nice weekend

What it is?

Being good to others while enjoying yourself is the key to this weekend.

Do a favour for your friends or family and have fun in the process.

For instance, offer to help friends to decorate or move house.

Only accept wine, pizza and laughs as payment.

The benefit

Lots of brownie points – you’ll feel loved and connected, and you’ll have had fun while doing so.

bubble bath

2. The sensual weekend

What it is?

You focus solely on physical indulgence.

This could be an afternoon doing the “do”, sharing a romantic dinner, giving each other massages or having a long hot bubble bath together.

The benefit

You’ll be less preoccupied with the things going around in your head and will be more in touch with your body – and your relationship.

3. The old friends weekend

What it is?

This is all about laughter.

All you need is a gang of girlfriends – then book a weekend away, or invite them over for a home-cooked dinner.

Go for coffee, watch classic chick-flicks, or go shopping (old-school style).

The benefit

It can be reassuring that nothing has changed – sharing old anecdotes reminds you that you have a history together and above all, you’re all still there for each other.

country driving

4. The relaxing weekend

What it is?

If Monday morning always seems like it comes around too soon, this is a chance to slow down your weekend and fill it with relaxing activities.

Do a yoga or pilates lesson, go for a long walk on the beach, drive into the country and revel in the fresh air and scenery.

The benefit

As you relax and feel your breathing and heartbeat slow down, you can really experience the joy of just being alive.

5. The stimulating weekend

What it is?

A chance to wake up your body and mind.

Have a relaxing shower and dab some uplifting essential oils afterward, try a tangy juice combo with spices, go to see a movie with subtitles, read a novel by an author you’ve never got round to.

The benefit

If you’re feeling a little jaded or sluggish this will shake up your attitude and fill you with lust for life.

stress free weekend

6. The do-something-different weekend

What it is?

Do something you’ve never done before.

You might have lunch at a top hotel, go to the opera, book a trip in a hot air balloon, or buy two tickets for a football match (sharing a friend’s passion for something will make you feel extra close to them).

The benefit

Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Doing a new thing makes you feel younger, and that anything can happen.

It’ll clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed and optimistic, with a new zest for life.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi.