Is arguing good for your relationship?

As it turns out there is a way to master the art of fighting fair, according to Relationship Expert, Dr Nikki Goldstein.

Arguing can be one of those things in a relationship that rings alarm bells if done too aggressively and too often.

But it can also be a way that couples grow together and move past issues, communicating more heatedly around topics that mean something to them. Arguing can even be a sign of passion.

It’s important to understand however what the argument is all about to then work out how to address it so that the argument becomes a heated discussion with a solution.

The art of fair fighting is to understand that an argument is a communication tool. It is also about being conscious of why the disagreement is there in the first place.

One of the biggest things with resolving arguments is too look at why it occurred in the first place. Arguments are never just about facts and are more to do with emotions.

It’s important to understand how to address these emotions in order to look at any of the facts involved. For example, for many women it’s not just that a man doesn’t put the seat down, it’s because he is not doing what she has asked. Most women get annoyed because their partner is either not listening to them or hasn’t considered them. It really has nothing to do with the toilet seat! The key in this universal argument is the most often used sentence that goes with it, “How many times do I have to tell you?”

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