Can a love coach help your relationship?

If the romance between you and your partner has faded, a love coach may be able to help you recapture the passion. Here’s how.

Love coaches say waning desire within a relationship is a common problem, with couples frequently reporting feeling exhausted and disconnected from each other – perhaps because of work, raising kids or mismatched schedules.

The domino effect hits your bedroom where sex now feels like a chore or maybe when you do manage to have sex, it is physically painful for you.

These kinds of issues can be difficult to discuss and cause rifts in relationships, and that is where a love coach or sexologist can help.

How  a love coach can help your relationship

Psycho-sexologist and Lovehoney ambassador Chantelle Otten helps people explore what makes them feel good in the bedroom.

“I am a sex detective putting all the pieces of the erotic puzzle together to get my clients to a really happy and pleasurable place that aligns with their goals,” Chantelle explains.

In many ways, a sexologist acts like a traditional therapist.

“We are here to provide a supportive environment, a judgment-free space to allow you to speak about your wants, needs and concerns,” Chantelle says.

“Speaking with a sexologist offers an opportunity to open up within a safe and inclusive space.”

Relationship coach Debbie Rivers likens a love coach to a personal trainer — “just for love”.

“You might be able to get results by yourself, but you don’t,” Debbie says.

“Or you keep trying and nothing changes.

Often you don’t know what you don’t know.

A love coach has the skills to guide you to get the results you need.”

What to expect from a love coach

A love coach can help you obtain tools to build a better relationship, according to Heartmatch dating and relationship coach Anna Swoboda.

Chantelle says there is no “one size fits all” approach to sex therapy so it’s best to do your research before committing to a therapist, check their credentials and make sure they understand your concerns.

“Whatever topic is important to you, just remember to take the time to explore this with your sexologist and be open and honest,” she advises.

Kinga’s experience with a love coach

Fed up with the constant cycle of disappointments in her relationship, Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek turned to a love coach.

“I was sick and tired of repeating the same mistakes,” Kinga says.

“I wanted a real change in my love life — a breakthrough.”

She says while her partnership was built on love, it was burdened with mistrust, fear and misunderstandings.

Her sessions with the love coach went beyond the surface and “touched the core of the issue”, delivering a “profound” breakthrough to reinforce her relationship.

“The new journey that I’ve started led me to have a beautiful and authentic relationship with my partner,” Kinga says.

“He is my soulmate, my rock, my husband.”

Despite the initial goal being to re-centre her partnership, Kinga ended up improving her life tenfold.

The advice she gained trickled into other relationships and with a weight off her shoulders she found herself more relaxed and vital.

It even changed her career — she left a job in finance to become a love coach herself.

“(A love coach) teaches you not only to be happy and fulfilled in your love life, but in all areas of your life,” she says.

Written by Alexandra Feiam