This simple act could be the healthiest way to start the day

Morning sex can be more than just a satisfying way to start your day. According to intimacy experts, it can be good for you – and your relationship.

If having sex with your partner at night has become a little monotonous or less passionate than you’d like, listen up.

Intimacy experts say switching your end-of-day sex routine to an early romp between the sheets could be just what your relationship needs.

Besides, morning sex can leave you feeling less stressed and happier – and it can even fire up your metabolism.

Why morning sex can be good for your relationship

Intimacy coach Chloe Mascord says many people are time poor and often sex is just something on their to-do list.

“It’s often something that happens at the end of the day, as opposed to the start of the day,” Chloe explains.

But, she says, a deviation from that end-of-day routine can break the monotony and bring more spontaneity into the relationship.

Changing things up by having sex in the morning can also create more desire, reigniting passion.

“A lot of clients I work with have low desire or low libido, and (having morning sex) is a really good way to … approach intimacy and sex differently,” Chloe says.

Sexologist Naomi Hutchings says while morning sex won’t work for everyone and partners should figure out what is right for them, it can be a lovely connection for some couples.

“For some people, starting the day with sex can be a bit of a reminder; it’s like a ‘hey, I see you’,” Naomi says.

“We’re acknowledging each other, having a bit of fun, whether it’s a quickie or longer, affirming that we’re actually still lovers amongst all of this hustle and bustle.”

Chloe recommends scheduling time for morning intimacy.

“When we schedule intimacy and sex, we don’t need to necessarily know what that’s going to look like, but creating space in our calendar makes it a priority in our lives,” Chloe says.

“This is essential for relationships – we cannot expect relationships to thrive if we don’t make them a priority.”

How morning sex boosts your mood

The post-sex emotional connection with your partner, especially for women, can be a real positive in our lives, Chloe notes.

“When we reach orgasm, our brains release a surge of oxytocin and dopamine,” she says.

“Oxytocin, often called the love hormone, helps foster feelings of connection and bonding with our partner.

“Meanwhile, dopamine, a ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter, activates the brain’s reward centre, enhancing our overall sense of pleasure.”

Naomi says morning sex can work really well for some couples.

“They can go about the rest of their day; they’ve been sexual, they’ve had a bit of connection or whatever they get out of sex,” she says.

“And then they can come home and go about their usual routine – perhaps they have kids or they are just too tired – (and) it can take the pressure off.”

If morning sex is a good experience, Naomi says, there are the benefits of feeling good throughout the day, feeling a closeness and connection, being happier and less anxious.

Say yes to feeling less stressed

Chloe says in both men and women, testosterone peaks happen in the morning, when the body has a heightened arousal response.

“(This) can actually make morning sex more satisfying and create more intense sexual experiences,” she explains.

She says having sex in the morning can also act as a natural stress release.

“I think people that have sex before they go to work tend to handle stress a little bit better,” she notes.

“As a result of handling stress better, they have higher job satisfaction as well … they’re able to be more resilient and handle the daily pressures and challenges that they face at work.”

Morning sex can fire up your metabolism

And for those looking to burn calories, Chloe says morning sex can really jump-start your metabolism.

“Not only does it burn calories, but having intimacy and sex with your partner can also increase your metabolic rate,” she says.

“It can be the equivalent of an energising workout, and it doesn’t need to be a one-hour session.”

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Written by Laura Armitage.