Top sex trends set to spice things up in 2024

From mindfulness to new-age toys, experts say these products and practices are the latest trends in sexual wellness you’ll want to explore.

Let’s talk about sex – because there’s no time like the present, where sexual wellness is trending and conversations about sexuality and physical pleasure are becoming more open.

So what can we expect in 2024?

From redesigned products to popular practices, here are the sex trends our experts say you’ll want to know about.

But first, what is sexual wellness?

“Sexual wellness is an overarching concept of feeling content, healthy, positive and safe in the many realms of sexuality,” sex and relationships practitioner Georgia Grace says.

“It promotes that sex is not separate to yourself, but is instead a part of your overall sense of health and wellness.”

Top sex trends for 2024

Trend #1: Sexual exploration

With previously taboo sex topics increasingly becoming part of everyday conversation, Georgia says more people are keen to go beyond the basics and explore new ways to be intimate with their partner and with themselves.

“In the past few years, we’ve been in this sexual revolution that’s all about learning the foundations of sex, intimacy and relationships, and now people are looking for what’s next,” Georgia says.

She says the best way to learn is by asking questions, and many people are starting conversations with friends, partners and experts to understand the unfamiliar.

“Group sex, sex parties and even sex workshops are becoming popular, and more people are asking about them,” she says.

Trend #2: Modern products

Sex toys are more popular than ever, with 51 per cent of Aussies having used one.

“Quality tools and lube will always be on trend – toys and devices especially, because it’s a way many queer couples enjoy sex,” Georgia says.

But, she explains, these products are now designed to embrace diversity, pleasure and self-care.

“And we’re moving away from phallic-based objects that look like genitals – they now look like products you want to keep on your bedside table rather than hidden in the drawer.”,” Georgia says.

Trend #3: Mindful sex

There’s mindful eating, mindful meditation and even mindful exercise, and now mindfulness has made its way into sex.

It’s a practice which sex and intimacy coach Elisa Caro describes as a “conscious sexual experience”.

“Mindful sex is about being present and enjoying the whole experience, rather than focusing on the end goal or orgasm,” Elisa says.

“It’s slow, conscious and focuses on feeling each sensation, almost like meditation.”

Interestingly, according to a 2018 study, meditation was found to, on average, improve a woman’s sexual function, which is associated with better overall mental health.

Similarly, the practice of tantric sex encourages mindfulness and deep, meaningful connection.

“Tantric sex is a non-goal-oriented approach to sex where there’s an emphasis on connection with oneself and with one another,” Elisa says.

Sexual freedom is here to stay

While sex trends will come and go, Georgia says the shift towards sexual freedom will never fall out of fashion.

“I’m noticing more people exploring their sexuality, and moving beyond the set or binary labels to learn about who they are as a sexual person and create their own sense of sexuality, she says.

Sexuality is not a trend, it’s an important part of who someone is, but we are in a sexual revolution that is encouraging us all to examine and challenge how we think about sexuality and identity.

“We’re in a time with more access to information and role models, which can make it feel more accessible to move beyond binary and set ways of thinking.”

For safe and enjoyable sex, ongoing consent and effective communication should also be a constant.

“In both casual encounters and relationships, consent is about respecting and not expecting while honouring one another’s boundaries,” Elisa says.

“Good communication is fundamental too, and it’s important to talk about things like what turns us on, (and) what we are ok and not ok with.”

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Written by Hayley Hinze.