Is it better to sleep in the nude?

You might wonder which pyjamas to wear for a good night’s sleep. Maybe the answer is none at all.

In one camp are the people who champion the benefits of sleeping naked.

They say it feels more comfortable and they sleep more soundly.

There are more people than you might expect among this school of thought, with one study showing almost one-third of French people opting for the birthday suit overnight.

In the other camp are those who say they sleep better and feel more secure and comfortable wearing pyjamas.

So, is one option better than the other?

The advantages of sleeping naked

There does seem to be at least one major advantage to going pyjama-free.

Sleep Health Foundation chief executive Dr Moira Junge says some pyjamas may affect your core body temperature, and this is an important factor to consider if you want stay asleep.

“It’s very much based on temperature,” the sleep expert and psychologist says.

Basically, you don’t want to overheat, as that could wake you up.

For women, there’s an added advantage to snoozing nude – it could put them at less risk of getting yeast infections due to increased airflow to the vagina.

Meanwhile, for males, one study has found those who sleep without underwear have a higher sperm count, although it didn’t seem to have a noticeable impact on fertility.

The advantages of wearing PJs

At the other end of the spectrum, pyjamas can play an important role in your bedtime routine, which in turn helps you sleep.

“Your bed routine gives your brain signals that it’s time to go to bed,” Dr Junge explains.

“So, if you put on your pyjamas and accompany that with winding down, it can act as a trigger.”

Choose the right materials

Sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo says when choosing pyjamas, think about what materials they are made of as some are better than others.

“Natural fibres like cotton and silk are good as they offer thermoregulation – the ability to absorb excess heat,” she says.

“This reduces the likelihood of overheating.”

Does nude sleeping suit your lifestyle?

If you want to sleep naked, bear in mind the practicalities that may come into play.

For example, do you have children sleeping alongside you at night? Are you menstruating or lactating? (Things could get messy.)

Will you be cold? Will you be able to relax fully enough to have an uninterrupted sleep?

Dr Junge says sleeping naked isn’t a sure-fire way to better sleep, and what to wear to bed comes down to “your own personal preference”.