Meet the stylists behind the world’s hottest hair trends

The world’s leading stylists have landed in Australia for the 2018 Hair Expo. We speak to three celebrity experts who set the global bar when it comes to hair.

Tabatha Coffey

Forget Twiggy; there’s a new pixie-cut, peroxide blonde in town.

If you’re well versed in hair and in reality TV, you’re probably familiar with New Jersey-based Tabatha Coffey and her endearingly blunt personality.

The Aussie expat is known not only for her talents as a hairdresser and salon owner, but also as the star of reality programs Shear Genius, Tabatha Takes Over and Relative Success with Tabatha.

Tabatha has flown home to headline this year’s hair expo, which runs from June 9 to 11 in Melbourne.

“The Hair Expo really is one of my favourite events, not only because I get to come home and see so many friends and colleagues, but because of the amazing talent that is here,” she says.

“Australians have a laid-back but edgy style that is very organic and individual. There is a more of a playfulness and less structure than in the US, and Aussies take more risks with their looks.”

Tabatha’s top hair advice

“One of my biggest pet peeves is when people do too much to their hair,” she says.

“Our hair is a delicate fabric and nobody’s hair can look great, behave well and do what we ask of it if it isn’t treated and taken care of properly.

“When people over-process their hair, or don’t use the right products, avoid trims or incorrectly use heat appliances, hair becomes brittle, dry, breaks, is unresponsive and looks dull and lifeless.”

Tabatha says she “loves” current trend of updating looks of the past with a modern twist. But she’d like to see an end to the days of copying someone else’s look.

“It’s really time to find your own look, have some fun with it and do what inspires you,” she says.

Guy Tang

YouTuber and colourist to the stars Guy Tang has also jetted out from the US for the 2018 Hair Expo.

“I love coming to Australia,” he says. “My favourite pho restaurant is right near the expo and I’m looking forward to seeing all my Aussie #Hairbesties.”

Tang is referring to his two million-plus social media followers.

“A lot of #Hairbesties got to know me through YouTube,” he says. “They love seeing tutorials, transformations and techniques.”

This will be Tang’s third time at Hair Expo, but his first showcasing his colour line, #Mydentity.

“I worked closely with my chemists to create unique, pre-blended colours that are easy to use,” he says.

“When clients see unique colours or tones on social media, they want it right now.

“I wanted to equip hairstylists with modern, chic, updated colours that can give their clients that result.”

Candy Shaw

American colourist Candy Shaw – AKA the ‘Balaylama’ of balayage – adopted the French hair colouring technique 25 years ago.

She has stayed at the forefront of balayage, turning it into an art form that she now teaches to aspiring colourists around the world.

“Foiling is like a photograph and balayage is like a watercolour of that photograph, it’s a softer and younger-looking finish,” she says.

“One bit of advice I give to my students is to always cut the hair before you paint in order for the light to hit the right points of the hair.

“Balayage is the accessory to the dress; you would never buy the shoes first.”

The 2018 Hair Expo runs from Saturday, June 8, to Monday, June 11, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett