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Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Dumplings

14 July, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Bust out the slow cooker and get your simmer on for this hearty and delicious dish. Chock full of protein, iron and zinc, it’s a winter warmer the whole family…


Luke Hines’ Bacon And Egg Brekkie Muffins

9 July, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

When it comes to texture and taste, these are less traditional ‘muffin’ and more frittata. Jam packed with flavour, they’re the perfect grab-and-go breakfast when you’re running out the door.


Smoked Paprika-Roasted Hasselback Potato Gratin

7 July, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

A garlicky yoghurt drizzle provides the ultimate finishing touch to this super-easy side dish, which makes a perfect companion for a Sunday roast.


Satay Salmon with Crunchy Cucumber and Herb Salad

2 July, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

The perfect blend of fresh, juicy and creamy flavours, this salmon dish delivers the perfect kick of spice.


Hearty Quinoa Porridge with Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes and Eggs

30 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Don’t let its name fool you – this ‘porridge’ ticks all the boxes for a quick, healthy and super nutritious dish that will work for lunch, dinner or anything in…


Keto-friendly Homemade Chocolate

23 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

There’s no need to sacrifice treats completely if you are following a keto diet. Simply whip up a batch of this choccie goodness, with natural stevia to hit that sweet…


Low-Carb ‘Keto’ Chicken Soup

16 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

This ultra-comforting keto-friendly soup will be just what you need to get through those cold, dreary winter nights. Pop it in the freezer for a quick low-carb meal when you…


Luke Hines’ One Pan Choc Chip Cookie

11 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

This gluten-free one-pan-wonder is the perfect combination of cookie dough, chocolate chunks and peanut butter. Yum!


Sourdough Bread with Turmeric

9 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Made from scratch, this loaf has all the health-boosting benefits of sourdough plus the powerful medicinal properties (and eye-popping colour) of turmeric. After you’ve enjoyed those scrumptious just-out-of-the-oven first slices,…


Luke Hines’ Popcorn Chicken with Avo and Macadamia Salsa

4 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Who doesn’t love the crunch of crispy popcorn-style chicken? We sure do! And with this healthy version we can still enjoy the crunch and flavour without any of the unnecessary…