Brighten up tired eyes: Easy hacks

Dark shadows around the eyes can make you look tired – whether they are the result of a big night, restless sleep, genetics, or allergies. The good news is you can easily hide them with a few simple tips and tricks.

While there’s no universal quick fix for dark, tired eyes, a couple of easy steps can help cover them.

Prep the eye area

A little prep work can make the world of difference to how well you’re able to conceal tired eyes.

One of the oldest, yet effective tricks is to keep a teaspoon in the freezer and apply it to your undereye area, which helps to promote blood flow while reducing fluid retention and puffiness.

You can also use a Jade or Rose Quartz roller for this.

Another trick is to apply anti-redness eye drops to help clarify tired, blood-shot eyes which helps counteract darkness in the eye area and makes you look more alert.

For those with allergies, substitute this with allergy eye drops.

If your eye area has texture, such as fine lines or milia, a primer can help achieve a more flawless concealer application.

Choose the right concealer

Not all concealers are suited for use all over the face. Generally, you’ll want something that is lightweight and can brighten and perfect when concealing under the eyes because this area is more delicate and prone to dryness and creasing.

Choosing a concealer that also contains de-puffing agents that can further reduce the appearance of under eye circles, such as Revlon ColorStay 24H Skin Awaken™ Concealer which contains vitamin C and caffeine.

Colour correct if needed

Generally speaking, dark shadows have a blue or purple cast, so you’ll want to use a colour corrector on the opposite side of the colour wheel to counteract this, which would be a peach or orange in colour.

This is why a lot of make-up artists recommend using a peach-toned concealer specifically for the under eyes, with many brands now ranging shades specifically for this, such as Revlon’s ColorStay 24H Skin Awaken™ in the shade Neutralizer and Brightener.

Lock in the product

One of the easiest ways to undo all the concealing efforts you’ve made up until this point is by incorrectly setting the concealer or not setting it at all.

“Baking” – a make-up method in which you apply loose powder and leave it to sit for a few minutes before tapping away excess product – is a popular technique under the eyes, but it’s not for everyone.

It helps further brighten the under eye area, but if you have dry skin, especially under the eyes, then this technique will enhance it.

Those with dry skin should apply a light dusting of pressed powder.

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