Go big and go bold! How to wear the mob wives beauty aesthetic

Understated make-up? Fuhgeddaboudit! This season, it’s all about embracing the mob wives aesthetic and high-impact glamour.

Minimal, naturallooking beauty has long been the dominant trend in make-up, but that’s set to change this season, with forecasters predicting a shift towards maximalist looks instead.

There’s no better example of bold, high-impact glamour than the mob wives aesthetic currently making waves on social media.

Eye-catching and dramatic, the refreshing trend is heavily inspired by cultural icons, both fictitious and real, including The Sopranos’ Adriana La Cerva, Ginger McKenna in Casino, and Mob Wives reality TV star, the late Angela Raiola, known as “Big Ang”.


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The mob wives aesthetic is more than just a look

For Sydney make-up artist Natasha Pellegrino, the mob wives aesthetic is a look close to her heart.

“I love the mob wives aesthetic; a messy, smokey eye with a thick, winged eyeliner, prominent contouring and a bold, deep lip… What’s not to like?” Natasha says.

“My favourite thing about this look is the attitude that must be adopted when recreating it: a strong, unapologetic woman who simply wears make-up to make her feel good.”


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Why understated beauty looks are on the way out

Like most things in life, make-up trends can also reach a point of oversaturation, and that’s what is starting to happen with the minimal make-up look.

Once a trend has reached a point of excess, people tend to gravitate to one that is a polar opposite – which is why the mob wives aesthetic is taking off.

“It’s great that we’re shifting away from the minimal, understated type of make-up trend,” Natasha says.

“While there’s definitely a space for the ‘clean girl’ look, I think it fostered a more curated and careful approach to make-up application, whereas the mob wives aesthetic allows for more creativity and less structure.

“There’s less pressure on everyday make-up users, and it promotes self-expression.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t pair a high-impact look with a sheerer base.

According to Melbourne make-up artist Paige Craig, heavy foundation doesn’t have to be a prerequisite for a full glam make-up look like the mob wives aesthetic.

“In my professional opinion, the biggest make-up crime is someone wearing heavy foundation when it’s not needed – less is more,” Paige says.

How to wear the mob wives aesthetic

In an effort to embrace the mob wives trend, celebs and plebs alike are sporting audacious accessories, voluminous hair, and a strong eye and lip – sometimes all at once.

As much as the look promotes individuality, there’s no harm in copying some of its most famous proponents for a little inspiration.

“One of the OG mob wives, Big Ang is someone whom many people are drawing their inspiration from, and while she is also a muse of mine, the entire cast of the Mob Wives television series, specifically Drita D’Avanzo, are whom I would suggest for reference material,” Natasha says.

“I also have to mention the iconic character of Adriana La Cerva from The Sopranos – her make-up, hair and style are the embodiment of what this whole aesthetic is about.”


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Why the Italian approach to beauty rules

Given the recent tomato girl and La Dolce Vita trends, it seems that we’re transfixed by the Italian approach to beauty.

“Yes, and rightfully so, we’re the best! In all seriousness, though, Italian culture centres around romance, confidence, playfulness and charm, which help you lean into having fun with make-up,” Natasha says.

“The mob wives aesthetic is all about embracing the ‘no care’ attitude, so smudge the eyeliner messily, apply a bold lip and wear it confidently and, most importantly, skip the pink blush.”

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.