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14 February, 2024 . by Sarah Fennell

Troubling new stats show some sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in Australia. Here are some things to know before getting between the sheets.


Are you at risk? Measles spike prompts immunisation warnings

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Most women experience the discomfort of thrush – an overgrowth of candida yeast – at some point. Can following a candida diet help to ease symptoms?


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Zoe Bingley-Pullin’s healthy Christmas recipes

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Have yourself a healthy little Christmas with chef and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin’s favourite recipes for a modern twist on classic yuletide fare.


5 food preservatives to have on your watch list

18 October, 2023 . by Sarah Fennell

Food preservatives help processed foods stop nasties in their tracks. But for your health’s sake, it may be worth keeping an eye on a few before taking your next bite….


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Going alcohol-free can bring in many benefits – including for your waistline. Here’s how many calories you can save by skipping the booze.


The basics of energy healing – and why you may need it

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Curious to try energy healing , but have no idea what to expect? Here’s the lowdown on reiki and kinesiology.


Hypnotherapy: Can a trance-like state bring positive change?

12 September, 2023 . by Sarah Fennell

If you’ve seen a hypnosis show, the first thing that may come to mind when you think of hypnotherapy is being forced to cluck like a chicken. Well, think again.


How do I get rid of my cellulite?

10 September, 2023 . by Sarah Fennell

Uneven skin texture. Natural dimples. Common skin variations. These terms describe what many of us recognise as cellulite. So, what can you do about it?