Sleep SOS: How to stop night sweats ruining your sleep

25 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Night sweats leaving you soaked? Here’s why they happen, and what you can do to stop them from ruining your sleep.


Workplace noise: The jobs that put your hearing at risk

23 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Workplace noise can lead to one of the most common occupational diseases in Australia – noise-induced hearing loss. And it can have serious knock-on effects.


Is my period pain normal? Here’s how to tell

21 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Painful menstruation is common but causes can vary. Here’s why understanding what’s responsible for any period pain you experience can be important.


Everything you need to know about bunions

15 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Bunions are often painful and, quite frankly, not pretty. They also affect more than your ability to wear your favourite shoes. Here’s how to deal with them.


Think you have an allergy? Here’s how to tell if you really do

11 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Sneezing, skin rashes and wheezing can all signal an allergy. Here are the tests you need to have that may help you pinpoint the source.


The secret weapon you need in your nasal congestion-clearing toolkit

1 November, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Just when you thought stuffy nose season was behind you, spring arrives with its hay fever and allergies, bringing with it the dreaded nasal congestion.


What to know about ear infections

28 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

They may be common, especially in kids, but ear infections can cause a world of pain. Here is how to deal with this agonising ailment.


How to stop hay fever interfering with your life

24 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Watery eyes, constant sneezing, itchy skin … hay fever can really put a dampener on your busy day/week/life. Fortunately, relief is at hand.


Skin anxiety is real, but there are ways to cope with blemishes

24 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

From acne to rosacea, skin blemishes are not only uncomfortable but can also have a big psychological impact – sometimes referred to as skin anxiety.


Dining out with a sensitive stomach? Here’s what to do

19 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

If a sensitive stomach or food intolerance makes eating out a nightmare, this advice will turn your next meal from a dining fiasco into a feast.