Bambi Mini Co: The sock brand supporting sick kids

Bambi Mini Co.’s latest campaign is about more than just selling socks; it’s a tribute to resilience, recovery and gratitude. Founder Nicole Verrocchi opens up about her son’s leukaemia battle and how it inspired a heartfelt mission.

After watching her young son Raffi be treated for leukaemia at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Bambi Mini Co. founder Nicole Verrocchi knew she wanted to show her support.

“We want to give back to the hospital that has been so generous to us with their exceptionally skilled staff (and) world-renowned facilities, and who simply provided 24-hour care for our family and especially Raffi in an extreme time of need,” Nicole says.

“We are so fortunate that Raffi is back to full health and is living a normal, active life as a brave six-year-old kid — and it’s all thanks to the amazing work at the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

Nicole and her husband Matt have spent countless hours at their son’s RCH bedside over the past few years, and they are all too aware of what families with sick children endure.

“There is an immediate understanding of what a parent is going through when their child is admitted to the hospital — no matter how big or small,” she says.

“Every story is unique and special and hopefully one with a positive outcome.

“These stories propel me forward and motivate me to grow our charity initiative bigger and better each year, so that we continue to make a difference to all the sick children and their families.”

Stepping up to support sick kids

Bambi Mini Co. will once again support the RCH Good Friday Appeal this year with all proceeds from the sale of its special range of socks to be donated to the appeal, in addition to donations at Chemist Warehouse counters.

“Our first campaign last year went really well — we almost sold out of all of our socks and managed to raise over $136,000 for the RCH Good Friday Appeal,” Nicole says.

“Our total contribution also included donations collected at the Chemist Warehouse store tills. This year we want to give back bigger and better and increase our overall donation.”

Nicole’s children, Raffi and  Flossy, 4, were involved in selecting  the designs for the range of socks.

“Raffi chose ‘Superbolt’, the brave superhero, and Flossy picked ‘Hope’, the resilient rainbow,” Nicole says.

Raffi and Flossy also appear in the Bambi Mini Co. fundraising campaign alongside four current RCH patients.

“We were lucky enough to shoot our campaign with four beautiful children — Henry, Ollie, Louie and Alexia — who are all currently being treated at the RCH for various ailments,” Nicole says.

“I love connecting with people, and I have especially enjoyed meeting other families who are also on their journey at the hospital. I am always so happy to give up my time to listen to their courageous stories, and hopefully provide them with some comfort or even cheer them up.”

Next steps for the charitable initiative

The family will continue to attend regular appointments at the RCH in the coming years as Raffi’s recovery from leukaemia is monitored.

“Raffi is a healthy, energetic, passionate kid who loves football and soccer and playing with his friends and cousins,” Nicole says.

“Bambi Mini’s fundraising initiative is for the families and sick children who are still battling through their illnesses — we haven’t forgotten them, we care about them and they drive us to fundraise for them.”

The Bambi Mini Co. range will also expand this month with three new prints — crocodiles, fruit and neon florals — available in the Wrigglesuits and Supersinglets.

There are also plans for kids’ UPF 50+ swimwear, which is due to launch later this year.

“Our customers particularly love the bright, bold colours, which are offered in our signature certified organic cotton at an affordable price,” Nicole says.

The Bambi Mini Co. RCH Good Friday Appeal socks are available at all Victorian Chemist Warehouse stores and at for RRP $4.99.

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Written by Erin Miller.