Why you need cushion compact foundation in your life

Already a K-beauty staple, cushion compact foundations can simplify your beauty routine.

Cushions have moved beyond the couch and into beauty routines, thanks to the advent of cushion compact foundations.

Although still relatively new to Aussie shelves, cushion compact foundation has been a K-Beauty staple for years with the innovative product now accounting for 40 per cent of the Korean foundation market.

So, what sets them apart from other foundation options?

Makeup artist Melanie Burnicle explains cushion compact foundations offer a combination of a convenient, no-spillage product delivery system and multi-functional formula.

What is hybrid formula foundation and how does it work?

In years gone by, liquid foundations were contained in bottles or tubes, while pressed powders and dense creams came in compacts.

A cushion compact foundation takes the best of both worlds.

Makeup artist Dale Dorning explains the “whipped” liquid formulation is compressed into a sponge-like cushion, and then packaged in a convenient compact case.

“Their biggest advantage is they’re handbag friendly, easy and quick to use and fairly foolproof,” Dale says.

Most cushion compact foundations come with an applicator sponge, which you would press on to the cushion to release the formula.

“There’s no chance of spillage because it only releases the foundation when you press on it,” Melanie says.

Get a gorgeous glow with compact cushion foundation

One of the advantages liquid foundation has traditionally had over compact foundations is its ability to incorporate other skin benefiting ingredients into the formulation – but cushion compact foundations can do it too.

“Think of a cushion compact like your favourite liquid foundation, in a sponge,” Melanie says.

“Most cushion compact formulations include the added benefits of high-level hydration, collagen, SPF and other active ingredients – just like you would expect in a liquid foundation.”

Melanie says the finish of a cushion compact is far closer to a liquid formula than a pressed compact, leaving the skin looking super hydrated.

How to apply compact cushion foundation

The delivery system of cushion compact foundations means it requires a slightly different application approach to most foundations.

Before you apply, Dale recommends prepping the skin with primer for “an even application”.

“Cushion compact foundations have a tendency to wear uneven or look patchy when the skin is not prepped correctly,” Dale says.

He also cautions not to “overload your applicator sponge”, which can be tempting because of the press-pump style of delivery.

“One or two pumps should suffice and only pick up more product as required.”

From there, Melanie recommends taking your sponge and adopting a “gliding” motion over the skin.

“These are easy to blend, so just glide the sponge along the forehead and centre of the face and then out to the hairline and edges,” Melanie says.

“Aim to achieve a nice even all-over coat and build up only onto areas where a little extra coverage is needed.”

And the best part? This is the ultimate foundation for touch-ups on the run.

“Compacts have always been great in terms for being transportable – and this one won’t spill in your bag either,” Melanie says.

Written by Sharon Hunt.