5 reasons to love lip oils

Lip oils are quickly becoming the next big thing in lip care, so what is all the buzz about?

For years gloss and balms have dominated lip care, but now lip oils have burst on to the scene.

And they’re grabbing attention on social media platforms like TikTok, as well as turning experts’ heads.

So, what exactly are lip oils?

Australian Makeup Artist of the Year Ava Belle says lip oils are a cross between a lip balm and lip gloss that nourish the lips and make them look plump and shiny.

“They’re a great product for lip care,” Ava, of Ave Belle Makeup, says.

“It is a niche product that has only just started to filter through, but they definitely have a place.”

Typically, they’re made with highly concentrated oils like coconut, jojoba, and rosehip, which are soothing for the skin.

Hemp, avocado, vitamin E and sesame oils are popular too, experts say.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should give lip oils a try.

1.     Oils help with dry, cracked lips

“Lip oils actually hydrate your lip, similar to a balm,” Ava says.

“Oil is great at hydration, so it can stop dryness from happening.”

She says the oil penetrates deep into the skin rather than sitting on the surface.

This is especially helpful in the cooler months, when lips often become cracked and need more hydration.

But Ava warns against wearing lip oils when out in the sun for long periods of time, as that can increase the risk of sunburn.

2.     Lip oils are perfect for the minimalist look

“Right now, everyone’s after that no-makeup kind of look,” makeup artist Belinda Masri says.

“So, everyone wants oils because they’re not like a lipstick, which is heavy and rubs off on everything.

“It’s much lighter. It gives you that look of, ‘I just woke up like this’.”

3.     Lip oils are long-lasting

The beauty of lip oils is that they sink into your skin – meaning they won’t rub off like a surface product.

“Depending on the brand, you’d likely only need to reapply every four hours,” Belinda explains.

4.     There are colour options

Many lip oil brands also include pigment for a pop of colour that makes lips look lush and full.

Colours can range from muted natural tones to full-on vibrant reds that give a bold new look when applied.

Ava says because the oil soaks into the skin, “you can actually put it on overnight, and then in the morning, the colour will have stained your lips”.

5.     Lip oils are good value

You will see most product is in the $20 to $30 range – on par with most quality glosses.

But these little tubes pack some serious punch, as you don’t need to use much per application.

“A little bit goes a long way as they have a very liquid consistency, so you don’t need to use much,” says Ava.

“If you put too much on, it’ll all head south.”