How beauty snacking feeds your skin and your soul

If you are strapped for time, try ‘beauty snacking’. Here’s how to get on board for quick and easy skin treatments and makeup hacks.

The pandemic has inspired Australians to be more conscious about how they spend their time.

And this includes beauty, with many people simplifying their skincare and makeup routines to reduce how long they spend getting ready.

“People rarely wore makeup during the pandemic, so now they’re questioning if it’s necessary to factor in so much time to get ready or whether they can look put together in a fraction of that time,” Adelaide makeup artist Madeleine Tirimacco says.

What is beauty snacking?

This shift towards minimal makeup and skincare has been referred to as beauty snacking, which has become a major trend this year.

According to trend forecaster WGSN, the concept has sparked a rising interest in express skincare treatments that are effective and time-saving without being messy.

Madeleine says condensing your makeup routine can be surprisingly easy.

“It’s all about creating a really nice base using a less-is-more approach,” she says. “That’s always my ethos towards makeup, which really puts the focus on skincare.

“Prepping the skin can’t be overstated because you need a flawless base for a flawless makeup look.”


How to keep beauty snacking simple

According to Madeleine, adding an eye cream or using an illuminating primer to your makeup routine can have a major impact on your final makeup look while requiring very little effort.

Gone are the days of a 10-step skincare system of overly contoured faces requiring layers of cream and powder makeup.

These days, even foundation is optional.

“You can create a beautiful makeup look with a blurring primer, cream blush, concealer, mascara and bronzer, which can also double as an eyeshadow contour,” Madeleine says.

To finish off the look, line your lips and use a lip oil in place of a lip gloss for added hydration.


Quick and easy beauty treatments

For beauty content creator Emilia Marantos, skincare is “a form of self-care”.

“But I don’t want it to consume all of my downtime, so I like clay masks or hydrating masks that only need to be left on the face for 10 or so minutes,” Emilia says.

“I also like doing DIY treatments that take a fraction of the time, cost or effort compared to professional services, such as tinting my brows or dermaplaning.”

Much of Emilia’s skincare is also an extension of her makeup routine.

“I have naturally dry skin, so I make a conscious effort to really prep my skin ahead of makeup application,” she says.

“One of my go-to products for this are facial tanning drops, which I think are also so underrated.

“It gives my face a boost of colour and it means I can apply a lighter coverage foundation to let my skin’s texture shine through.”

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.