Celebs are getting on board the bleached brow look – should you?

Well-defined eyebrows have been ingrained in us for decades, but now bleached brows are making their mark.

It’s often said that when a trend becomes oversaturated, its antithesis ends up replacing it, which could explain why bleached brows have become one of this year’s defining trends.

After years of heavily manicured and thick brows, many craved a lighter-handed approach, with natural brows gaining popularity before quickly being eclipsed by bleached brows.

Typically reserved for editorial or runway looks, the bleached brow is one of the more surprising and polarising beauty trends to take off in recent years.

“I love the bleached-brow trend; it’s something that seems to cycle in fashion, but now everyday people are embracing the look, too,” make-up artist and hairstylist Jamie Minney says.

The early bleached-brow trendsetters

Like most beauty trends, bleached brows first took hold of the fashion crowd, with Amelia Gray, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner among the slew of models who adopted the look early into 2022.

Since then, actresses Maisie Williams, Alexa Demie, Nicola Peltz Beckham, Julia Fox and Victoria Pedretti are among stars who have also become fans of the trend, which is a strong indicator that it is becoming more mainstream.

Taking bleached brows further

While bleaching the eyebrows can give a translucent effect to one’s appearance, those with thicker hair may find their brows remain quite visible.

In an effort to combat this, some people – including actress Jodie Turner-Smith and pop star Doja Cat – are adopting a more extreme approach by completely shaving off their eyebrows.

Should you bleach your own brows?

While it’s tempting to play hairdresser and try your own hands at bleaching, Jamie doesn’t recommend a DIY approach.

Jamie says the bleached-brow look isn’t going to flatter everyone and for that reason, it’s certainly not a do-it-yourself job.

“But if it’s something you’re into, why not go to a professional and give it a go? We only live once,” she adds.

How to wear bleached brows

By diverting attention away from the brows, other facial features become more enhanced, especially the eyes.

For this reason, Jamie recommends adjusting your make-up routine to reflect your change in appearance.

“I’m a less-is-more kind of gal, so when I see an amazing bleached brow, I’d suggest a pop of colour on the lip or just some mascara with fresh, glowy skin,” Jamie says.

Adopting a more subtle approach

“Bleached brows aren’t for everyone, but what I like about this look is that it can soften your features, especially for those who have naturally dark and thick brows,” make-up artist and hairstylist Fernando Hervas says.

According to Fernando, you don’t even have to bleach your brows to a platinum blonde level to reap the benefits.

“Even lifting and toning (your brows) a few shades lighter can make the world of difference,” Fernando says.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.