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7 October, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

A new test is utilising the latest science has to offer to give Aussies the edge when it comes to tailoring their approach to health and fitness.


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Thousands of older Australians take low-dose aspirin believing it will help them live longer – but it may be doing more harm than good, a major study has found.


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Women’s Health Week is all about women making the time to put their health first. Six women tell us how they do it. 


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Australians are gambling with their health by ignoring instructions on medication – even risking serious complications, a health body warns.


Probiotic hope for colicky babies

8 August, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Parents of constantly crying babies have been given new hope, with new research finding a simple probiotic can reduce symptoms.


My Health Record: What you need to know

6 August, 2018 . by Michelle Rose

By the end of this year all Australians will have a digital My Health Record, unless they opt out. So what is it, and should you stay or go?


New test can reveal your gut secrets

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It’s estimated almost half of Australians suffer gut health issues – but new technology has the potential to make digestive problems a thing of the past.


Why being a night owl is bad for your health

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Night owls – who prefer to stay up late and struggle to get up in the morning – may be at higher risk of early death, a new study has…


8 tech breakthroughs wowing the medical world

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From fast-acting nasal sprays that lift depression to home DNA tests that help you lose weight, the future of healthcare has never looked so promising.


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With another flu season on its way, it pays to get in early with a vaccination to help prevent illness.