Is poo anxiety real (and how to deal with it)?

21 July, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

Are you someone who puts off doing, er, number 2s, if it means using a shared bathroom or dreads going in a public loo? You may have poo anxiety.


Are eggs safe to eat? Australia’s bird flu outbreak, explained

20 July, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

The bird flu outbreak in Australia has contributed to a shortage of eggs across the country. What does avian influenza mean – and are chicken and eggs safe to eat?


Are we seeing a nearsightedness epidemic?

5 July, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

More than six million Australians report being near-sighted as experts insist we urgently need to open our eyes to the growing problem.


‘Am I normal down there?’ The worrying rise in genital anxiety

29 June, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

New research shows a significant increase in genital anxiety and labia shame among young women in Australia. Here’s why the trend is concerning.


Optimised treatment improving breast cancer outcomes

2 June, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

Could a ‘less is more’ approach change breast cancer treatment in Australia? New clinical trials reveal promising results for patients.


Everything you need to know about multiple sclerosis

30 May, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

Early treatment of multiple sclerosis is crucial to ensure best outcomes, but diagnosis can sometimes be a long road. Here’s what to look out for.


The antioxidant that supports your cardiovascular health

1 May, 2024 . by Sarah Fennell

It has a host of health benefits – and here is how ubiquinol can support your cardiovascular system health.


Why you need to try a Korean enzyme sauna

16 March, 2024 . by Tianna Nadalin

Would you submerge yourself in sawdust for the sake of wellness? That’s exactly what happens during a Korean enzyme sauna. Here is why you might want to try it.


How the HPV vaccine can help end cervical cancer

1 March, 2024 . by Claire Burke

The HPV vaccine is part of our National Immunisation Program. Find out how out it works, who it’s for, and what the recent change in dose schedule means.