Does your skincare routine need a peptide boost?

Peptides in skincare are all the buzz right now – but do you need to include this ingredient in your skin routine?

When Hailey Bieber launched a skincare line rich in peptides earlier this year, the ingredient was suddenly on everyone’s radar – giving it long-deserved recognition for an underdog hero used in various products to target and treat a range of skin concerns.

What are skin peptides?

Dermalogica director of education (Asia Pacific) Emma Hobson says there are many types of peptides that can be used to treat and support a wide range of skin concerns, however they are mainly used to firm the skin, address puffiness, sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation.

“Peptides are amino acids that make up certain proteins your skin needs,” Emma says.

“Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and therefore, peptides.

“The structure and order of the amino acid chain created to make the peptide will determine the response the peptide has on the skin.”

What makes peptides so special?

Using a serum or a moisturiser that contains peptides may promote firmer, younger looking skin.

By changing the order or number of amino acids on the chain, the response peptides have on the skin also changes.

“You can think of peptides as messengers that can communicate with the skin, sending specific signals to improve skin health,” Emma says.

Why are peptides becoming popular in skincare?

According to Emma, consumers are increasingly educated about skincare ingredients and specifically seek them out.

“There is more education about (peptides),” she says.

“They are incredibly versatile, but also, they are clinically proven ingredients, so consumers know they will see results.”

Skindepth’s dermal clinician Maria Arvanitis, suspects social media has also played a role in the growing demand for peptides.

“People are becoming increasingly aware of the visible signs of ageing and the demand for ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘age management’ remedies are growing,” Maria says.

Maria believes there are more than 20 peptide variations that can be used in skincare products.

“Peptides all have different actions and interactions within the skin’s tissue – they need to be encapsulated appropriately and have an adequate delivery system into the skin in order to be effective,” she says.

“The better the science behind the product, the more we can actually rely on peptides.

“There is no better strength or ingredient – it merely depends on how trustworthy the product is.

“In such a competitive market, aesthetic brands are providing more research into ingredients such as peptides – which are shown time and time again to be incredibly useful.”

Written by beauty editor Charlotte Brundrett.