Why perfect skin is about more than just your genes

New research uncovers the science behind how to become an ‘exceptional skin ager’, shares Principal Scientist at Olay Skin Care, Dr Frauke Neuser.

Looking after our skin is more important than many people believe, with many inaccurately labelling “good genes” as the key to younger looking skin.

Olay recently set out to answer the age-long beauty debate of nature versus nurture. In collaboration with genetics company 23andMe, Olay analysed over 155,000 women to gather insights into the link between skin ageing and genetics.

The study demonstrated that how you care for your skin, along with UV exposure and lifestyle habits plays a bigger role in skin ageing than DNA alone. Armed with this knowledge, Olay then upgraded the formulas across its anti-ageing collections: Regenerist, Luminous and Total Effects to include ingredients that support youthful looking skin.

When selecting skin care products, it’s important to choose a daily moisturiser that contains SPF, particularly in the harsh Australian climate.

Ingredients like niacinamide (vitamin B3) and glycerol are also important for boosting cell turnover, hydrating the skin and maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. Vitamin E and green tea extract are also beneficial, in both the diet and in your skin care products to help protect against free radical damage.

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