The muse behind Michael Bublé’s latest album and fragrance

Michael Bublé fans can rejoice because all their Christmas wishes are about to come true – with a new album on the horizon and plans for an Aussie tour.

Speaking to the House of Wellness, Michael Bublé describes his upcoming new album – which features some unexpected (but top secret) collaborations – as possibly his best work yet, and reveals he will tour Australia as soon as it’s safe.

“As you can imagine, with the pandemic, things have had to be very fluid and making plans is something that has been really tough,” Michael says.

“As much as I want to go [on tour] I want to make sure that I can show up and that it’s safe for people.”

Why the Bublés love Australia

Much-loved down under, the Canadian crooner enthuses Australia is like a home away from home for him and wife Luisana Lopilato.

“It [Australia] is probably my wife’s favourite country for me to tour,” he says.

“It’s the one place that we take the kids out of school because she’s never going to not be there.

“You know, we’ve always had such a nice time because it’s a really lovely, very Canadian-esque experience for us.

“She loves going out shopping and we feel safe for the kids.

“We go see movies and she likes the people.

“We’ve got a lot of great friendships that we’ve made over the years.

“So, it’s like, you know, it’s become a really big part of our life and every couple years we know we’re going to spend a month.

“I’m not a fancy guy, so I couldn’t tell you what nightclubs or fancy restaurants I like there, but you know. We just love going for walks and going shopping.”

Bublé’s Aussie inspiration

Michael says Australia has provided him with musical inspiration too joking that he wrote the ballad Lost after enjoying a few too many drinks during one of his earlier visits.

“I’ve written a bunch of songs [in Australia]. I’ve had some big moments there,” he says.

“They’re big life moments.”

The Bublé soundtrack to life

Of course, music is also often part of other people’s big life moments.

The father-of-three says it’s a source of pride when fans tell him they had proposed with one of his ballads playing in the background, or how his festive music had become part of family Christmas traditions.

While he has no shortage of huge hits under his belt, Michael is bursting with excitement about the music he’s been writing in lockdown.

And unlike so many songwriters who are inspired by heartbreak and tragedy, Michael says his latest album has been triggered by his happy home life.

“Creatively it was a great time for me,” he explains.

“I think I was really open to working with new people and just open to really growing and so I have a record that will come out pretty soon.

“And I am pretty sure that when you hear it, you will tell me it’s the greatest work that I’ve ever done.

“Even if you’re not a fan of me, if you haven’t liked previous things, it will be impossible not to [understand it’s career best music].

“I worked with people I never dreamed that I would get to work with.

“I think the songs are so deep, beautiful and rich.

“I was just in a really good place.”

Where Bublé finds his muse

His songs might provide inspiration for millions of people around the world, but Michael happily admits his creativity comes from four people: his wife and three young children.

“My wife is my hero,” he says.

“I really look to her stylistically when I write a song, or when I write the treatment for a music video.

“When I put on a suit, the first person I ask is her.

“I just did the cover for the new record and the artistic director called me and said: ‘Listen, can we say yes to this cover?’ And I said: ‘We can’t’.

“He said: ‘Why?’ And I told him: ‘Because I’m not in Argentina [with Luisana].

“And until my wife sits with me and looks at it. I’m not going to say yes.’ And they understood because I trust her implicitly.”

The love behind the scent

Luisana was also his go-to person when he was crafting his five fragrances for Chemist Warehouse.

With Luisana’s guidance, Michael says he was involved in every aspect of the range, which includes scents for men and women.

He says creating perfume is not all that different to writing a song as it involves finding the right notes and creating beautiful harmonies.

And he says the ultimate endorsement of his efforts is the fact that both his wife and mother now wear it.

“I kept saying: ‘It has to be perfect! And really classy,” he says.

“I hope when I’m building something, or whatever brands I’m a part of that that is something that shines through.

“I can only do my best and so that’s what I’ve done.”

Written by Siobhan Duck.