How an eyelash curler can truly lift your look

You’ll never look at your curler the same way again after two of Australia’s top beauty experts share their secrets.

It’s the one beauty tool (let’s call it a beauty staple) you’re probably never 100 per cent sure you’re using the right way.

Am I holding it too close? Too tight? Is it actually doing any “curling”?

But before we get into the “how tos”, let’s go back to basics.

Do we actually need an eyelash curler?

Absolutely, says Perth-born makeup artist Desiree Wise, who’s worked for a host of celebrity clients and big-name brands.

“Aside from a few blessed individuals, most of us have eyelashes that grow straight and out, or straight and down,” Desiree explains.

“A long, straight lash that grows in either of these directions doesn’t look long at all, and eyelashes that grow downwards make the eyes appear much smaller and closed.”

Which is where an eyelash curler starts earning its keep.

“Your curler allows you to lift and curl those lashes upwards – opening the eye up so it appears larger and more elongated for a brighter fresher look, while also enhancing the appearance of naturally long voluminous lashes as they become more visible when curled up,” Desiree says.

So what’s the best way to use an eyelash curler?

Kimberley Forbes has done the hair and makeup of musicians, actors, models and business leaders in Australia and overseas and is also a massive fan of the humble eyelash curler.

“To use your curler it’s important to position it properly close to the base of the lashes and then press down for a few seconds,” Kimberley says.

“Pump the curler about five times, but not too hard, and it’s super important to curve your lashes before applying mascara.”

The most common eyelash curler mistake?

“Curling too far from the base of the lash and not curling the full length of the lash, so the lash has a sharp corner to it rather than a soft curl. It looks like a ‘tick’ rather than a natural bend,” Desiree says.

“And many people miss the inner and outer corners, or individual lashes through the centre, which then become obvious when mascara is applied.”

Beauty gurus’ best eyelash curler hacks

“A secret hack that I love is adding heat! Warming up the curler will help provide bend in the eyelash. It’s great for strong and straight stubborn hair,” says Kimberley, who suggests using a hairdryer to do the warming.

For stubborn lashes, apply mascara first and then use a heated eyelash curler, adds Desiree.

“The mascara in this scenario is moulded with the added heat and helps set and hold the lashes in the desired shape,” she says.

And finally, make sure your curler is cleaned after use to prevent bacteria forming, which can infect the eye, says Kimberley.

And there you go, the eyes have it!

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Written by Liz McGrath.