Why the claw clip is the throwback hair accessory you need

Claw clips are an innocuous trend from the ’90s and now the humble hair accessory is experiencing a major revival.     

There’s a reason claw clips have long been considered the No.1 hair accessory for lazy people.

While make-up artist and hairstylist Mary Scriva is a fan of the look, she rarely gets requests for the style from clients, purely because it’s so easy.

“I love claw clips because you can create so many relaxed up-dos from them in a fraction of time,” she says.

“As professional hairstylists, we’re mainly requested to style formal events requiring glam hairstyles that will hold, while the claw clip look is pretty easy to style at home.”

Practical, affordable, and easy to use, claw clips can create a variety of up-dos with a simple upsweep of the lengths of your hair.

But are claw clips suitable for all hair types or are there more intricacies involved?

One clip doesn’t fit all

If you find your hair is prone to slipping out of the claw clip, a few factors might be at play. Finer hair types often lack gripping power, but texturising spray and additional bobby pins or elastic can help reinforce the up-do.

A simple solution also lies in the claw clip itself.

Soft, fine hair types should opt for clips with rubberised grips, which help the accessory to stay in place.

But that’s not the only sub-type of claw clip on the market.


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Which claw clip is right for you?

Banana Clip: More ’80s than ’90s, this style involves a clip with an inbuilt comb on either side that effectively locks the up-do in place.

Ideal for those with thick and coarse hair that want their up-do to feel extra secure.

Jaw Clip: Another heavy-duty variety, jaw clips are suited for people with a lot of hair, especially curly, dense, and long hair types.

Jaw clips often come in an XL size to accommodate the added hair volume without it feeling like the clips are weighing down your hair.

Embellished Clip: One of the easiest ways to dress up an up-do is by using an embellished clip.

More opulent than a standard claw clip, these designs often double as a hair brooch.

Mini Clips: Essentially a claw clip reduced by 50 per cent, mini clips are great for those with bobs or shorter length styles in addition to half-up, half-down hairstyles.

Duckbill clip: This particular clip is most often used during the styling process to help set curls in the hair in addition to keeping hair off the face during make-up application.

Alligator clip: A dressier equivalent of the duckbill clip, is often used in formal up-dos such as chignons.

Pattern Clip: A great option for those with curly and coily hair, pattern clips are not only used to create up-dos, but also as a way to separate the hair as you detangle and style your curls.

Butterfly Clips: These Y2K ultra mini claw clips have TikTok to thank for their nostalgic revival, while doubling as a colourful solution for those growing out their bangs.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.