The hottest hair trends set to dominate in 2024

Need inspiration for a fresh look to start the new year? From innovative cuts to bold colors, here are the hairstyles set to be smokin’ in 2024.

Many of us like to shake things up at the start of a new year — and this can be as simple as a new hairstyle.

A statistical report has revealed that changing your hair is the fourth most common new year’s resolution, right behind losing weight, improving diet and doing exercise. (It’s also arguably the easiest to achieve.)

When it comes to style predictions, Bespoke Hair Artistry director Melissa Chandler believes there will be a shift towards “style-based cuts and colours”.

“We’re seeing stronger lines and finishes as opposed to that ‘long wavy balayage’ look we’ve seen for years now,” Melissa says.

But it’s not just about blindly following what’s “in”.

Elvarl Hair Artistry stylist Ellia Hauritz-Bates notes the latest hair philosophy is about embracing individuality.

“Experimenting with your natural texture by trying different styles or cuts helps you understand what your hair needs, what suits it best and if it fits within your lifestyle,” Ellia says.

Here are some hot new styles you might want to consider:

The shaggy bowl

The shag cut popularised 50 years ago made a surprise return in 2023 and is predicted to evolve into the shaggy bowl.

“This shorter take gives a touch of shag but can still achieve a clean, sophisticated look — think Lady Di’s iconic cut,” Ellia says.

She adds the style works really well with naturally curly or thick hair because it “embraces volume and encourages it”.

Accordingly, volume-based products are ideal.

“Boost the style with a volumising shampoo and a texturising spray or powder,” she suggests.

The square chop

Defined by its “blunt lines with soft edges and root volume”, the classic and elegant square cut will be one of the most coveted looks in 2024, Megan Evans, owner of Adelaide’s In Awe Salon & Education, predicts — and it is ideal for oval face shapes and naturally straight hair.

Regular salon maintenance appointments are a must to keep this look intact, but the good news is day-to-day styling is minimal.

“Use a smoothing product to reduce flyaways and a straightening iron to keep it pin neat,” Megan says.

The perm

The quest for voluminous hair has seen the return of a 1980s favourite, says Megan.

“A perm is superb for adding texture to straight hair or an existing wave,” she says.

But getting it right and not retro comes down to a face-flattering cut.

“You don’t want the dreaded triangle that’s flat on top and wide around the face,” she cautions.

And caring for it is easy.

“Simply add a curl cream or mousse to define and a wax spray for hold,” Megan says.

Natural texture

Current hair philosophy is about celebrating natural texture — particularly curly hair — and Ellia expects this to continue in the new year.

“It’s all about understanding how to best work with your hair and not against it,” she says.

She suggests finding a stylist who understands your hair’s natural state — and then heeding their advice.

“You need to be open to taking cues from a professional and using their recommended products and tools. Small things like the right brushes will make the difference.”


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Bright colours

The pastel era is over and now it’s time for big, bold statement hair colours to shine.

Whatever bright hue you select (and there are plenty to choose from), Melissa notes “striking shades and contrasts” are the hallmarks in 2024.

Nailing the bold colour trend requires staying on top of maintenance and upkeep.

“Be prepared to invest in regular salon appointments as well as a quality care regimen,” Melissa says.

“At home, you’ll need a colour shampoo and conditioner to prevent colour fade and maintain vibrancy.”

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Written by Sharon Hunt.