Nadia Bartel: ‘It’s incredible what women are going through’

Nadia Bartel has long been admired for her fashion and style know-how – and women are turning to the mum of two for advice on matters of the heart, too.

The stunning fashion entrepreneur – who features on the cover of the summer 2021 The House of Wellness magazine – says she has connected with many other women since her relationship ended 18 months ago.

“So many women write to me – in the past year it is at least 10 a day, sometimes more,” Nadia, 35, says.

“It’s incredible what women are going through and they really try to keep it to themselves. I try to write back to them all – I can totally feel what they are going through.”

How meditation, breathing have helped through life’s challenges

Behind the style queen is a deeply spiritual side, which she was able to explore and embrace during COVID lockdowns.

Nadia’s holistic lifestyle includes regular meditation and breathing exercises, which she says have helped her gain greater perspective.

“I am a really spiritual person and in the past year I have become even more so,” says Nadia, who is mum to sons Aston, 5, and Henley, 2.

“I really got into meditation and became more consistent with it – it is something that I love.”

Nadia says seeing a breathing specialist to help curb anxiety and deal with her emotions has “changed my life”.

“It’s just so incredible, but when you breathe, you let go of negative emotions and you think a lot clearer. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for me,” she says.

Nadia says she also took up running during lockdown, which she now loves.

“I can think so much clearer when I run and it releases things that are cluttering my mind,” she says.

Exciting times ahead for Henne

She was also able to spend time working on her Henne fashion label, which she runs with sister Michelle Ring and friend Laura Broque.

The trio are looking to grow their market share with a broader size range, and eventually plan to take the brand international.

“We have taken a cool new direction with the pieces for Henne,” says Nadia. “Our new releases have a lot more summery, high-end focus.”

And she says there are more ideas in the pipeline, hinting at some new categories such as undergarments.

“It has been so great to see Henne come to life,” says Nadia.

While style is synonymous with Nadia, who has almost 600,000 Instagram followers, she doesn’t consider herself an influencer – rather, she just shares things she loves.

That approach has led her to recently being signed as an ambassador for Maybelline New York, a makeup brand she has used since she was a teenager.

“It’s a dream working with a brand that I absolutely love,” she says.

How to get Nadia Bartel’s beauty look

As for her own makeup look, Nadia says she has learnt that less is more.

“I used to love really thick, dark eyebrows and I used to go for really smoky, dark eyes. And a lot of eyeliner and a really overly bronzed look,” she says with a laugh.

“Now I’m more into neutral colours. And I don’t like shimmer. As you get older, you just know what works.”

Nadia says she tries to remain positive through life’s challenges, and in spite of the constant media attention she experiences.

“Just because something bad happens, you shouldn’t become pessimistic about it. I’m not wired like that. Maybe it’s the breathing I do?” Nadia says.

“If you try to be positive and think differently, then I believe good things will happen to you.”

Written by Laeta Crawford. Lead image by Tina Smigielski.