5 ways to use coffee in your beauty routine

Can’t live without your daily latte pick-me-up? Turns out a caffeine fix can do wonders for skin, too.

Coffee and skincare may not instinctively go hand-in-hand, but it turns out they’re quite the pairing.

A variety of coffee-infused skincare products are switching up the beauty game.

Coffee beans are being used for all kinds of treatments, from scrubs and vitamins to fake tans.

Here’s our take on the top five coffee-beauty hybrids:

Body scrub

Grounded coffee has long been used as a natural exfoliant, but in recent years coffee-infused body scrubs have really taken off. Body Blendz’s line of coffee scrubs use cruelty-free, 100 per cent Arabica Coffee that eliminate dead skin while targeting common concerns like stretch marks and cellulite.

Body bar

While scrubs are effective, the can also be messy – hence the rise of an easy-to-use alternative, coffee bars. They work similarly to a scrub, minus the loose product as it comes in a solid form.

DIY fake tan

If you prefer a more natural take on a fake tan, coffee may be the answer. Why not try your hands at making a DIY coffee fake tan?

Eye de-puffer

Puffy eyes are often the result of poor sleeping habits, but you can tackle them by applying caffeine to the eye area.

Similar to the more commonly known teabag hack, apply cold coffee grounds or a coffee-saturated cotton pad to the eyelid and leave over the affected area for a few minutes. The caffeine will increase circulation, effectively de-puffing the eye area in the process.

Hair tint

This beauty hack is particularly suited for those with brunette locks as it enhances brown tones while promoting shine.

Simply apply two teaspoons of coffee into your conditioner and leave on the hair as you would a treatment. Aim to leave on the hair for at least five minutes, and up to an hour. Although the tint is temporary, the longer you leave the treatment on, the longer lasting the tint will be.

Lucky for us coffee is one of nature’s true gems. Much like many of our favourites in our vegan beauty round up.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett