Is Gemini hair the bold two-toned colouring trend you need to try?

Why have one hair colour when you can have two? Gemini hair is an eye-catching two-toned colouring technique going viral this year. Here’s how to get the look.

Following the revival of ombre and two tone hair comes Gemini hair, a fresh colouring technique that’s tipped to become a major trend this year.

The trend is inspired by the astrological sign of Gemini and is all about duality.

The hair colour is typically applied on either side of a middle part for a contrasting effect, offering a bold and daring look, explains founder of Lndn Hair, Jamie Furlan.

“I love the Gemini hair trend,” Jamie, the 2020 Hairdresser of the Year, says.

“Having dual-toned hair colour is a great opportunity for people to experiment with their look before deciding to take the leap.

“For example, taking a platinum blonde to black or vice versa.

“By using two contrasting colours it also gives people a chance to creatively evolve and build their look by mix and maxing shade variations with each salon visit,” Jamie says.

Some prefer to keep one side of hair their natural in order to reduce upkeep and colour damage, while others opt for bold colours on both sides for a more dramatic, eye-catching finish.

Leading Melbourne-based colourist Stephanie Bacelic says social media has helped popularise the trend, making it a fun way to show off your bold and daring side.

“It’s bolder than ombre hair, which has a softer blend into the contrasting shades,” Stephanie says.

“With Gemini hair, you can make it as bold as you like with vibrant colours or something simple to compliment your natural hair.”

Is Gemini hair for you?

If you’re keen to give Gemini hair a try, chat with your hair colourist, who can explain the upkeep involved and whether it’s suitable for your hair.

“Gemini hair is an evolution of the block colouring technique, which was famously worn by Billie Eilish,” Stephanie says.

“This colouring technique involves applying colours that don’t necessarily match.

“To get the most out of your Gemini hair trend, I suggest choosing contrasting colours for maximum impact.

“Dual toned colours take a little more patience and attention to detail, clean sectioning, and neat colour application to ensure the separation in the colours are perfect.”

Stephanie suggests first experimenting with a demi-permanent colour to see if you are ready to commit.


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What level of upkeep does Gemini hair involve?

Stephanie says upkeep of Gemini hair depends on the shades chosen and how much lightening is involved to achieve them.

“If you colour your hair, regular colour services are recommended, especially because the regrowth and your part line will be more noticeable than colouring services that involve a root smudge,”

Stephanie explains.

She says at-home care such as using colour-protecting products and washing in cold water can extend the life of your hair colour.

Does Gemini hair suit a particular style?

Stephanie says Gemini hair can work with just about any hairstyle and hair type, but a sleek, long middle parting is great to emphasise the Ying Yang component.

If you wanted to combine two trending looks at once, Stephanie suggests combining the hair colour with a shaggy style cut style recently popularised by Jenna Ortega.

“(The style) is fun, quirky, and easy to maintain.

“Fun trends are really popular now, and with social media it’s nice to see so many others getting inspired to try these trends,” she says.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.