5 ways to switch up your hair this winter

Stuck in a seasonal hair rut? Get inspired for your new winter ‘do with these latest hot hair trends.

We asked Adam Ciaccia –NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year, owner of Axis Hairdressing and YouTuber – to share his thoughts on the season’s biggest hair trends.

Curly shag

Taking a cue from Flashdance, this no-fuss, layered crop is often paired with an equally shaggy fringe and is all about embracing your hair’s natural texture.

It’s best suited to those who have a wave or curl to their manes. Zoe Foster Blake has been rocking the look, giving her locks a break from hot hair tools and opting to air dry instead.

ADAM SAYS:  “The shag cut has returned to the mainstream, but with a refined, curly texture that’s modern and beautiful. I love the authenticity of curly, defused hair and this look is highly sought after right now.”

Thank you, fashion people, for making big, silly, puffy coats A Thing.

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Nice and sleek

Polished, glossy manes have been a consistent trend over the past year.

But winter will see an updated version of the versatile look in the form of a side fringe or deep side part, adding some depth to an otherwise simplistic hairstyle.

What’s great about this look is it’s easy to achieve and can be styled poker straight, curly or somewhere in between.

ADAM SAYS: “You need to ask your stylist for a curtain fringe to enhance your cut. Curtain fringes are flexible with the way they can be styled and worn. This will be the largest movement in hair for winter ‘18.”

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’90s accessories

Last season was all about the polarising resurgence of scrunchies – and winter will see the revival of some other hair accessories that were big in the 1990s.  Think butterfly clips and headbands.

As well as offering practical support for gravity-defying updos, these hair accessories double as decorative hair pieces.

ADAM SAYS: “As a hairstylist I’m going to push back on this – they have their place, but I’m not a fan.”

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Ginger locks

Redheads rejoice! For decades gingers have been the butt of hair-related jokes, but finally it’s their time to shine.

From rustic copper tones to shades of mulled wine and strawberry blonde, redheads are expected to be in demand this season.

Aside from warming up your complexion, it’s a surprisingly versatile hair colour.

ADAM SAYS: “There is a big movement towards reinventing blondes with warm copper and rose tones. I have just finished a campaign with Canberra colourist MichelleCiaccia for Matrix Global called blushing blondes. Two of the trends, ‘Peachy Keen’ and ‘Rose Fever’, were focused on exactly this trend. Platinum and cool are done; warm and rustic is in.”

Unique ponytails

What’s not to love about a ponytail with a bit of personality?

At Christian Siriano’s AW18 show, hair was styled in a low, tousled pony with bold hair clips. The textured, embellished hairstyles, created by Anthony Cole, became a focal point of the show.

ADAM SAYS: “For me, a pony is never dull, it screams confidence and draw focus on shape and line in what a woman is wearing. I think Anthony Cole showed that the simplicity of a well-constructed pony tail is beautiful. With hair, simplicity is beautiful, not basic.”

What Adam Ciaccia does on YouTube

Why YouTube?

I’ve been doing workshops in Los Angeles for years and on one particular trip I was staying in Santa Monica and met this girl in my hotel lobby. We got talking and she explained how she was a hairstylist and YouTuber. I had no idea what a YouTuber was at the time so she talked me through it and I realised it was a platform I wanted to integrate into my own hairdressing business.

How has YouTube impacted your business?

YouTube is a huge community and it’s given me international exposure, to the point that I regularly fly overseas for clients or they come to Australia to see me. Aside from a business standpoint, I also consider it a hobby.

I like to keep the content on my channel varied, uploading everything from educational videos to vlogs that give viewers an insight into my life. The fact that my videos can reach people far and wide, even remote areas, is crazy.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.