Would you try a poo transplant to look younger?

Poo transplants could be the key to eternal youth. Yep, you read that right. So is this anti-ageing hack legit and would you use it?

Kim Kardashian grossed us all out all when she declared she would “eat poop every single day” if made her look younger.

But new research out of England shows she is not far off the money – it turns out faecal transplants could be the secret to the fountain of youth.

Scientists have found this treatment can reverse hallmarks of ageing in the gut, eyes and brain.

What is a poo transplant?

A faecal transplant is a medical procedure where poo microbes from a donor are transferred into another person to help restore the healthy gut bacteria.

“The organisms that live in our gut perform essential functions for us,” gastroenterologist Dr Sam Costello says.

“Some of these functions include digesting our food, maintaining the lining of the gut, helping educate the immune system, even helping some medicines work.”

Dr Costello says the procedure has been effective at treating Clostridioides difficile infection – a bacterial infection in the large intestine.

He says poo transplants are getting more attention recently, so it is likely the procedure will be used to treat other diseases in the future.

How can a poo transplant help anti-ageing?

According to the English research, poo transplants can help stall ageing – at least in mice.

Researchers found transmitting poo microbiota from young to old mice helped reverse key signs of old age in the gut, eyes, and brain.

It also worked in reverse, with microbes from old mice inducing inflammation in the brain of younger mice and impacting vision negatively.

While the test hasn’t been carried out on humans yet, nutritionist Christine Tadros is not surprised by the results and says gut bacteria plays a fundamental role in health.

“We know this is a world-class medical treatment that can cure many diseases,” Christine says.

“We also know the gut is your second brain essentially, and if the good bacteria in your gut is in order, then the rest of the body is in order.”

Will a poo transplant keep you looking young and beautiful?

The reality is that poo transplants to stop ageing in humans has not been studied yet, so experts can’t vouch for it working.

However, Dr Costello says it’s foreseeable that poo transplants may be used for a number of diseases and treatments associated with loss of gut microbes in the future, after more research has been done.

Christine agrees but says there are a few things you can do to keep your gut health in check and reap the health benefits, including better digestion and healthier skin.

“You can start by using an all-round probiotic,” Christine says.

“The second thing would be to introduce probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, kefir and cutting all the crap out of your diet.”