The benefits of Manuka honey you need right now

With its powerful antimicrobial and soothing properties, this hot-trending honey is a must-add to not only your pantry line-up, but also your wellness and beauty routine.

Have you noticed that rock star Manuka honey is everywhere these days?

From skincare to smoothies to sore throat remedies, everyone’s buzzing about the sweet stuff made from the precious nectar of the Manuka tree.

With winter coming, we all want to know how we can use natural ingredients to support our body and immunity in times of wellness, as well as sickness.

The star powers of Manuka honey

Honey has been a prized food and medicinal source since pretty much the dawn of time.

But Manuka honey has some unique properties that make it different to other honeys –  chief among them, a naturally occurring unique bioactive compound called methylglyoxal (MGO), which is responsible for Manuka honey’s prized antibacterial properties.

The greater the MGO number, the more potent the honey.

Here’s just some of what the special sweetener can do:

It may help with winter lurgies

If you have a scratchy throat, consider adding some Manuka honey to a glass of hot water with a dash of lemon and some fresh ginger for a soothing drink, or simply take it by the spoonful to soothe a sore throat.

It may improve gut health

As we all know by now, gut health is integral to overall wellness, and research shows Manuka honey may be a sweet solution for tummy troubles, containing prebiotics – non-digestible fibres that may stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

It has skin-nourishing powers

Manuka honey’s benefits also extend to your skin.

It is the ideal base for a DIY face mask as its smooth texture makes it ideal if you’re wanting a natural skincare approach.

It’s a superfood (and tastes delicious)

Forget just toast, you can add Manuka honey to pretty much anything – including breakfast cereals, juices, smoothies, tea and coffee.

And in case you think our Kiwi cousins have ownership of Manuka honey, a five-year study funded by Agrifutures-Australia found Australia produces some of the most active medical-grade high-potency antibacterial Manuka honey in the world.

Australian Manuka honey is known for having a smoother, lighter taste making Barnes Naturals the perfect active Manuka honey for the whole family, and it means you’re supporting Aussie beekeepers.

Barnes Naturals have just released two new products – Active Manuka Honey MGO400+ and Active Manuka Honey MGO550+ in super-sized 1kg packs, which makes them the perfect “stock-up-for-winter” item.

Bee-lieve the hype – Manuka honey really is the bee’s knees.

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